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    • The thing you failed to indicate (because, of course, you don't actually FOLLOW Hutchinson), is that that March 2010 posting of mine was made BEFORE the serious defect issues with TSA+ came out in the media. There is almost certainly no way I could have foreseen the serious difficulties they had with that, which caused "bottlenecks" in their operations, and (hopefully temporarily, as we're seeing now) caused some customers to move away from HTCH at that time.

      But that is the past, and we are in a new ballgame now, I believe. And I obviously much prefer the stock at $2 now, versus $8 in March of 2010...especially with the nascent signs of a turnaround we are seeing (and which the Street has basically "ignored," merely because of the Russell 2000 and S&P 600 SmallCap deltions).

      Furthermore, I'm pretty happy that, despite the stock being down as much as it is, I calculate my average cost of not $8, not $6, not even $4...but around $3.40 now.

      In short, I always try to buy SYSTEMATICALLY, and save enough money to average down, should the "outlier" scenario happen.

      I BELIEVE HTCH AT $2.30 IS AN OUTLIER SCENARIO...considering the short term "bounce" potential, the 6-18 month "company turnaround" appreciation potential (my favorite scenario for gains here), and even the 3-5 year long term capital appreciation potential (which, if everything works out, is quite HTCH the potential of being a "10 bagger," I believe).

      That having been said, it will be interesting to see if the WDC downgrade can somehow manage to squeeze a few more sellers out of HTCH, in the short term. But in my view, that is, at this point, almost like trying to get blood out of a turnip.

      But if it happens, I'll live with it. That's what disciplined investors do. Know what you own, and you won't be buffetted by emotion.

    • ...yeah, LTF swings for the fences and strikes out sometimes. Those can look ugly. But he also hits about 50 homers a year with a pretty high batting average. Basically, a perennial all-star. Heck, compared to most of the jokers posting on Yahoo, he's an MVP.


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