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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Aug 19, 2011 12:39 AM Flag

    LT followers--- Lemmings

    I couldn't agree more. [lol]

    Micro and nano caps perform with the Russell 2000...or worse. In panic scenarios, that's when the true lemmings (the ones dumping at ANY price) rule the day, for the short term...but that's also when the GREATEST opportunties are present.

    Think for yourself, be a contrarian, and don't carry too much debt. (Best to carry none, for most people.) REPOSITION your portfolio by selling things that haven't gone down much, and buying some of the things (like HTCH, RAS, HERO, etc.) that have cratered. And you will reap the rewards of the next upcycle.

    I lost 2/3 of my net worth, from my May 2007 top, to my Mary 2009 bottom. But then I multiplied my net worth 10x over from that bottom, after tax. (Now I am down roughly 30% from my recent top.)

    I'm not crying...and yes, I have averaged 35-40%, pre-tax, the last 18 years, in stocks. Somewhat less, if you factor in my huge losses in being short Fed Funds futures the last 15 months.

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