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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower May 23, 2013 4:31 PM Flag

    God bless director Frank Russomanno. Form 4 filed!

    Bought 1000 shares at $5.32. That's confidence in the future...that he's willing to keep buying.

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    • Sure is odd to see an inider pay a 68% premium to what he just paid a few weeks prior.

      Hey, isnt he your buddy from Imation ?

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      • Howdy friend - we meet again.

        That latest director purchase looks like it was more for show if anything.

        This entire movement is little more than pump and dump kicked off by the SA article.

        I suspect the stock will be back to $3 and likely lower once the natives have had enough and trample over each other running for the exits. I'd give it a few weeks. The reality will hit most of the neophytes in the face if they're not out by the next earnings report.

        longtimefollower - You were so wrong on PSUN it's laughable. Remember the quick 17 cent profit you made on the short your were crowing about last quarter? All the trash you heaped upon the company? Well anyone who didn't listen to you is currently up 50% from that day. Interesting how you haven't been seen there again since.

        As far as HTCH, show me an officer putting up his own money and I'll think more highly of it. No reason for the stock to be triple or more what it was in December. Last earnings report was nothing to get excited about. Company will continue posting losses quarterly for at least another year. HTCH is going to give back plenty more than the piddly 17 cents you peed in your pants about on PSUN.

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