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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Jul 27, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    Does it really make a dime's worth of difference, from a DCF perspective...

    ....if we get to 130 million units at the end of fiscal 2014, versus, maybe the mid fiscal 2014 we were thinking, a couple quarters back? If HTCH eventually achieves a long term market share of, say, 30-33%, in a market that is growing FASTER than the broader economy, for, say, the next 7 years, who the hell cares?

    I, again, own 1% now, down from 5%+....and look forward to a further sell off (they usually do down even more, beyond the 1st day's plunge, in these kinds of scenarios), and a chance to buy in again in the lower $3's, and possibly lower.

    The "hot money" is going to be getting out, en masse, disgusted in their "failed trade" here. Poor babies. I see opportunity write large, in this kind of volatility.

    I'll upgrade it to "strong buy" at $3.50 or less.

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    • I almost bet the bank before earnings - pulled out a month ago and thinking about getting back in. Waiting for smoke to clear then thought 3ish.... so impulsive here at times. I have 4-5 strong holdingsand the one I like most has a negative board but holding until Q4 or longer.. Boards seem to be negative when a stock is hit. I really like HTCH stock but as a die hard long got out (something I would not do before). When the time is right will buy 50-60k block.

      Sentiment: Hold

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