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  • mrgreengreen mrgreengreen Mar 30, 2014 5:41 PM Flag

    Don't trust LongtimeFollower

    He is a dreamer. He got lucky a few years ago when he got bailed out. His accounts were going to zero. He refuses to buy real companies, and constantly overlooks bad management and debt riddled companies that exist for management only. He is not as smart as he thinks he is.

    Here he is, after 5 straight years of fake gains, compliments of the Federal Reserve and the people's 800 billion bailout, telling you that this #$%$ company, which can't even make money during the free money last 5 years, is about to rebound. Lol. Lol. Lol.

    He has no clue and just assumes that the company will do better because he owns shares. There company is going nowhere.. Tech and retail are getting killed, as are all other funny money companies. He will die a slow death, and when the overall markets unravel he will be faced with margin call after margin call, as he continues to double down. He is like a monkey in that he cannot change gears before the huge shift in the markets.

    Most people are being lulled into complacency. Everybody knows the big move down is coming, yet they don't have the guts to go all cash. It will be ugly. I read an article two days ago where the write said that stocks were grossly overvalued. He made some great points. But the kicker, and the most important part of his whole piece, was at the very end he stated that he was STILL holding all of his stocks, and not selling. Now, this type of thinking is what happens at the top of all bubbles. Everyone trying to milk the last dollar out of their investment or speculation.

    HTCH will never ever hit $6 again. That is a fact. It will be under $2 pretty soon and I will be back to let you know about it. Almost all of you are heading for huge losses, know matter what you own. You will suffer multiple legs down over multiple years. At some point, in about 8 to 10 years, when everybody admits that stocks are the worst investment of all time, it will be time to buy stocks. A long drawn out drop is coming.

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