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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Jul 7, 2014 5:43 PM Flag

    Interesting day

    Lots of weakness across the board for tiny companies. Russell 2000 was down 1.8% today, about 4X more than the S&P500 and DOW. That said, there certainly appears to be a somewhat motivated seller of HTCH stock. Maybe not the brightest of souls since he/she could have unloaded all above 2.5 early last week.

    At least we have now started Hutch's Q4 which will (in my opinion) be the first of many profitable quarters. Results will be reported in late October. We should get an announcement this week or next on when they will report Q3, likely in about 2 weeks or so, not expecting much since they already told us to expect a Q similar to Q2.

    Late Thursday will be of some interest this week since short interest numbers will be updated through June 30th. Perhaps all the shorts are now gone? Though we might need to wait til the late July numbers through July 15th? Not sure.

    All is really just noise at this point and whether you buy shares at 1.50 or 2 or 2.50 it doesn't much matter when the stock is going to be 12+ with 12 months and 25 within a couple years. Cheers.

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    • Tabby is totally, positively delusional to post that HTCH will be profitable in the present quarter (July-Sept). Nor will they be profitable the quarter following. Anyone following his path or buying with those expectations deserves to lose the money invested. That prediction is ignorant and absurd.

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      • Thanks jay, I appreciate the endorsement. I like the "ignorant and absurd", that was a nice touch. Seems to me Hutch could ship over 120mil susp this J/A/S quarter, that would give them a positive EPS, simple as that. Remember, Hutch ships lead drive ships by about 1 month.

        PS: Today was a great great day for HTCH stock, it finally closed the gap from June 27/30. I will also speculate that shorted shares have dropped to below 100,000, we'll find out for sure in late July. Bullish.

    • That's some white noise nonsense garbage, right there. You ought to frame what you wrote and put it on the wall. Then, when you file bankruptcy you can take this to the Judge and tell him that yo are a sicko. Maybe you should send this essay to Warren Buffett and see if he will let you manage a few billion for a year or two.

      Are you losers for real? My God this is some awful #$%$.

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