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  • daljit1681 daljit1681 Jan 15, 2013 12:05 AM Flag

    Concerns related to CELG

    It has long run last 7 days. It is now in over bought stage.

    From Zack: Though impressed with the overall oncology portfolio at Celgene, we remain concerned about the decline in the sales of cancer drug, Thalomid. The continuing decline in Thalomid sales has the potential to hurt Celgene’s top line if other products do not perform impressively enough. We are also concerned about the loss of exclusivity of key drug Vidaza in the US. In view of these challenges, we maintain our Neutral view on the stock.

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    • This is idiotic. Of course Thalomid sales will decrease. It's like complaining about declining sales of the iPhone 3---or maybe, more accurately the Western Electric model 500. Hello, McFly? That's the whole point. Rev and Pom are more active and safer drugs in the same class. Celgene's sales force should be actively pushing its physicians to drop Thalomid for Revlimid and later Pom.

      Rev and Pom and everything in Celgene's pipeline are biochemically engineered molecules using modern molecular biology knowledge. Thalomid is a 1960's drug which was discovered by serendipity to work in cancer.

      BTW: thanks RobCos. I remember investing in CELG when it had a 350MM market cap (along with Entremed and Sugen, 1998-1999 or so). I made money but also the mistake too many times of trying to time sales. Then it stagnated for a while. A year or two I ago I realized it was time for me to learn my lesson: CELG scientists are the real deal, I should hold tight and #$%$ and it WILL work on its own schedule (I should have done so 10 years ago and locked it away).

      Now CELG is the 2nd highest % gain in a portfoiio (outside a small cap which had a buyout), and even my CELGZ warrants which were deep underwater for so long are heavy in the green----freaking *pancreatic* cancer success! Nothing, nothing ever works on PC (disease from the pit of hell).

      People used to talk about when CELG would be bought out by "Big Pharma". Nein! CELG *is* Big Pharma.

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    • I beg to differ. According to current fundamentals and their charting valuations i calculated in a valuation of about 120 bucks which still makes them cheap. That is only 1 drug. Celgene has a nice portfolio of many breadwinners.

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    • OMG!

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