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  • t_carver2002 t_carver2002 Oct 11, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Amprilast issue/problem, they are having difficulty with this, Yes it does work, it has efficacy

    The issue is it works, OK, so-so, there are things that work better out there.......but its a pill, so that good, its easy to take a real plus.........but what do you do, price it close to the highly efficacy meds and Wall street will go woowwza look at that cash flow, stock price will shoot right up.......But the downside is, fewer people will jump on, longer term other meds will errode market, but price it much lower and EVERY psoriasis sufferer will try it, like 90%, and market share will build, they can over time OWN a cash cow...........but at the cost of quick share price jump..........which is best for the company?

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    • I certainly would not take Enbrel or the other biologics that are injectable and have horrible infection risk and even ties to Lymphoma and Leukemia...I know 2 very healthy people that the drs think got Lymphoma and Leukemia (one has zero history of cancer in family and is a healthy eater and runner) because of enbrel.
      I don't see anyone moving on to Enbrel before at least trying safe and effective Apremilast when available. Enbrel efficacy decreases with time - Apremilast's increases.

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      • It might be the case that the CELG drug might be better,but Enbrel causing cancer? If you know MD's who think that,those would be the ones to stay away from. The risk of infection is not great and any drug ( because all these entities are,de facto, biological response modifiers) could raise the risk of infection because of immunosupression. This would typically only occur in people who are already immunocompromised

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