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  • zevie1 zevie1 Sep 24, 1998 8:54 PM Flag

    the time is near

    to fellow celgene shareholders,

    speculation has it that the sales for thalomid for the first
    month of sales will be better than most of us
    expected.if you just figure in the patients from the
    compassionate use program you already have aprox. 1000
    patients. Then, if you take the expected beginning amount
    of doctors which is said to be 2000, and allocate 2
    patients for each doctor, you could have up to 5000 can easily rationalize that the total number of
    patients will increase dramatically as more doctors join
    up.backing this tremendous off label use is the fact that
    celgene is daeling with 50 different indications as
    stated in a recent press release. The real question is
    what happens to those patients taking thalomid for
    cancer once entremed gets their approval in aprox 2
    years.will celgene be able to hold onto some of the cancer
    business? Will celgene and entremed as rumored in august
    make a deal which will share profits but keep the
    price from being marked-down in a price war? Although
    these questions bring concern to future celgene
    revenues the revenues for at lease the next 2 years are
    extrodinarily promising while it's always beneficial to be the
    first one out with a drug on the market.
    when you
    figure in the potential of celgro which can be spun off
    and celgenes version of ritalin,thalidomide
    analogs.celcids,etc, celgenes acceptance into the investment community
    will be coming very soon.

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    • Whether you are a Celgene supporter or detractor,
      the last post by zevie1 seems to be fair and
      conservative on revenues but realistic on future concerns
      regarding ENMD's Thalidomide eventual approval. Anyone with
      any ideas on this subject please post.

      • 1 Reply to moridian
      • ENMD is now in Phase II of is
        phase III.
        After phase III data must be submitted
        and a control
        program such as CELG has must be in
        Based on the history that Celgene went through
        would estimate at least 3 years or more for ENMD
        be able to market thalidomide.
        During this period
        Celgene, doctors will being using
        thalidomide from


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