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  • rosesinmaine rosesinmaine Nov 5, 1998 7:54 PM Flag


    Anyone have a hunch who was that 25,000 share trade in the last hour? And why it didn't dump the price worse that it did concidering the low volumn. Must be buys for anything below 8.

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    • Hey Dude! I see that you are a complainer on this
      board too. Exactly how many good things do you have to
      say about Newt? The only thing I can thing of is that
      he is gone from Congress. To answer your
      question...the stock will 'follow those numbers' when people are
      willing to pay more for the stock.

      Have a nice day.

    • >When will the stock follow those numbers?

      Try Monday...

      wish I had bought more this week.

    • <<1.1 mil for 2 days of sales. That
      translates to $45 mil. per quarter, $180 mil per

      As Icordone mentioned in an earlier note, the first
      2 days of sales are encouraging because it is an
      indication that there will probably be significant off-label
      usage. However, it's going to take time to build up
      sales volume from here. The results for the first 2
      days is what was bought to stock the shelves and now
      someone has to buy it. I haven't seen any recent analyst
      estimates but would be really ancouraged if we saw $5-6
      million in sales over the next quarter. Given the recent
      multiple myeloma news, you have to think that oncologists
      will be encouraged to try Thalomid and there are a
      number of other serious diseases where the company has
      built up a body of evidence that the drug actually
      works. I think that a number of people are missing the
      fact that Wall Street attached HUGE valuations to
      anti-TNF products being developed by companies such as
      Chiron and Immunex in the early 1990's, and these were
      injectable products (MAb's) that failed in the
      Celgene has an orally-administered drug. I don't think
      that Thalomid is going to be a billion-dollar drug,
      but some of the second-generation analogs might be.

    • <<With CELG reporting Thalomid sales of
      $1MM in Q3 (2 days) for a drug which is officially
      approved for an illness which aflicts only about 500
      people in the US, and with 2000+ doctors signed up,
      sounds like we may want to prepare ourselves for
      significant off-label prescription. CELG may have the
      potential to outperform both SEPR and ENMD in the coming

      Yes! I couldn't agree with you more. It may be a
      little rough over the near term, but people aren't going
      to shy away from using the drug because it actually
      works. An oral inhibitor of TNF is a *nice* thing. My
      only concern is dilution of equity, am hoping that
      they will be able to raise the cash that they need on
      moderately favorable terms.

    • This stock is like Newt Gingrich. No matter how
      many good things it has to say, it still takes a

      1.1 mil for 2 days of sales. That
      translates to $45 mil. per quarter, $180 mil per year.

      When will the stock follow those


    • fridays press release is great- as good as we
      could have expected . why do i feel like celgene will
      loose value on monday? must bee the track record after
      previous good news. tahank-you celgene for at least
      releasing the two days sales data. now how about monthly
      reports,please. nothing would be easier than releasing the
      monthly data into your corporate website.

    • Do not know who was buying the
      However, two events next week may help
      First, I called the company today....Asked
      about the
      Celgene Web Page which shows earnings
      to be released
      on NOV.9, 1998....I was informed
      that earings
      will be released the week of Nov.
      9, 1998....exact
      day not given.
      Next, the CEO will attend and
      address a meeting
      in NYC on Nov 11, 1998.(First Annual

      Long CELG investor....

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