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  • biodocman biodocman Nov 8, 1998 9:32 PM Flag


    Hi Celgdoc

    Good to see that you're on the
    boards. I hope everything is well and I am glad you are
    accepting my challenge. On the long side I love URMD and
    GNSSF. On the short side, I love ONSL. Please note
    friday's closing prices. Let's see how much the BIODOCMAN

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    • <<On the short side, I love ONSL. Please note friday's closing prices. Let's see how much the BIODOCMAN knows.>>

      Good call! <g>

      • 1 Reply to jfitisoff
      • Not just ONSL - but that entire sector! Think of
        the poor boobies who bought the stock last morning at

        As to our pet (most of us anyway) baby, I think
        rumors are not going to provide helium. We need last qtr
        98 and 1st qtr 99 slaes data. If the drug sells, we
        are in the money. If it does not, we can forget about
        any big jump in the price.

        When one sits and
        calculates that instead of putting the money I have in
        Celgene, I had bought Books-a-Million at that time and got
        out on Friday, I would be $150,000 richer*, I can
        understand how frustrating things are for most of us.
        Everyone's patience is to be admired and I hope there are
        rewards coming!

        * Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo.....

    • Hope you weren't too far on the short side of ONSL. Oh, and by the way, CELG's day is coming as well, probably sooner than later.

    • Thanks for the reply. I have put them on my watch
      list. I'll watch for a 10% change in them and give them
      6 months to achieve it. Again, while I disagree
      with your thoughts on CELG, I respect your obvious


    • What makes you an expert on ONSL? Why do you love
      it? I heard that their holiday and Christmas sales
      will provide a great quarter for them and that the
      shorts will cover(and there are many) before next Q's
      earnings are released. How long have you been short? How
      low do you think the price can go? ONSL traded in the
      30's in April!

    • According to the CELG press release on Friday,
      more than 2000 physicians and more than 2000
      pharmacists have signed up for the STEPS program, meeting or
      exceeding CELG's goal. Does it seem reasonable that more
      than 4000 individuals would go through this process
      just to ignore the product? I think we should be
      hoping for a good degree of off-label usage, not just
      for the sake of us share-holders, but for the real
      suffering people out there who probably can be helped today
      by Thalomid.

      Also, unless you play the
      hopeless game of day-trading, the time to have been on the
      short side of ONSL was a couple of months ago. Not much
      downward pressure from here on out. Should track up with
      e-Bay and then might become an aquisition target. Just
      MHO, of course.

      Good luck to all.

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