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  • klj5 klj5 Nov 19, 1998 10:03 PM Flag

    believe it

    I cannot find a negative here
    -Thalidomide is
    THE best current treatment available for cancer
    (there may be better ones, but you can't get them just
    by enrolling in a registration program). Doctors
    WILL prescribe it OFF-LABEL if their patients ask
    -THALOMID alone would make a nice story but the revenues
    from this will boost Celgene's other products which
    are themselves solid prospects
    -The chart shows a
    STRONG, rapid recovery from the massive selloff in
    August, characteristic of a very strong stock (look at
    Yahoo's chart for that same period)
    -They sold 1M in
    two days last quarter.

    There are companies
    like SUGN, OXGN, ENMD etc. whose products are more
    than a year and millions of dollars away and even then
    they will not have the immense storehouse of data
    previously accumulated on Thalidomide in the 50's. These
    stocks are not plummetting, nor will they. Neither will
    CELG. The risk arbitrage here is far and away the best
    I've seen of ANY stock. The downside is AT MOST a
    trading range of 6 to 11. The upside is the $*#&$*#&
    moon. Who wouldn't take that bet?

    I've waited
    through market inefficiency before and this is one of
    those periods. Everyone I knew knew ENMD was for real
    earlier this year, YHOO a year ago, AOL four years ago.
    There was plenty of time to buy before the great
    unwashed caught up. You just never know when that is going
    to be. Actually, this is the only downside as
    well...good products may go unheard, no matter how good they
    are by an ignorant market/consumer...but once they
    catch on, they catch fire!

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    • is one you can find too. Now go to the ENMD chart
      and you'll see that just very recently they took a
      big hit.
      Then go to the Celg chart and you'll see
      they also took a hit and never recovered.
      Just how
      long are you willing to wait.
      Rosy glasses don't
      make money.

      • 3 Replies to bioticked
      • is a weak angiogenesis inhibitor, available now.
        It can be combined with radiation or cytotoxics to
        treat existing tumors, or, by dint of its angio
        properties, prevent or slow down metastases.

        These are
        pretty good positives!

      • If I pulled my money out of this stock Monday,
        and put it into something else, and CELG then for
        some reason went up a couple of points on Monday, and
        what I bought went down, then I would hold you
        personally responsible buddy.

      • -I don't see from your message what exactly the
        negative is you are referring to: chart looks like a base
        range, normal fluctuations.

        -3 months (since the
        Thalidomide approval) is not long to wait, and 1 month (since
        the launch) is no time at all.

        -I post exactly
        because I am afraid that my glasses ARE rosy, so please,
        I appreciate your input, specifically what is the
        negative here? I am assuming that my glasses are rosy, but
        I still see NO DOWNSIDE!

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