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  • ski3456 ski3456 Dec 3, 1998 6:38 PM Flag


    I really see this stock moving more in the right
    direction before news this weekend! I was reading zacks
    page and they rank celgene #1 of 42 biotechs, plus all
    the brokers rate strong buy! Monday should be big, I

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    • This site will get you into all the main info you could ever want.

      SKI3456????Are you alive today,he he


    • Thanks to rosesinmaine - here is the full site
      address for after hours

      We are heade MUCH higher IMO. It appears there is a
      plethora of good news on the way.

    • The only blockbuster news I can forsee over the
      next year would be a fetal deformity linked to Thal.
      Despite STEPS it may happen and that would blow the stock
      out of the water in the short term (actually a buying
      oppty). Indeed, this may not happen, be just be rumored
      about an unrelated fetal deformity and have the same
      effect...a PR nightmare.

      That said, I think there is
      ALWAYS a place for a stop loss SOMEWHERE. For example,
      it CELG retraced to 6 now, would you really want to
      hold through such a move? The beauty of being in early
      is that you can afford a very safe stop loss and
      still stay in for the very long term. The danger is
      that you want to put it at your profit line, which
      isn't always the best place.

    • Roses....where do you get the after hours info?
      Please let us know?
      This is headed much higher - it
      is RIDICULOUSLY undervalued. Thal research confirms
      and reconfirms with each trial the HUGE off-label
      market. This provides short term cash flow to fuel
      Ritalin, IMID, SelCid, Celgro research which will fuel
      major deals. If ENMD is smart, they realize they will
      never sell a pill and deal with CELG. So we have Thal
      for now, more Celgro deals kicking in, two potential
      blockbuster chirally pure drugs that will have huge sales in
      the intermediate term and then IMIDS .... to set the
      stage for SelCids, 100,000 times stonger than Thal
      without the birth defects - Cancer, AIDS, Crohns, RA,
      etc,etc - a BILLION drug in the long term. BTW, I hear
      the Crohns trials are mind-blowing! This runup is
      only the beginning - I agree with moranpicks - we have
      a tenbagger here ... its onbly a matter of time!
      Good Luck....Congrats on those that have hung in
      during the tough are about to be amply
      rewarded..fasten your seatbelts - the ride has just begun!

    • The idea of an internet type stock move is out
      there a little too much yet but.. I wouldn't expect
      this stock to have a lot of downside as long as the
      volumn and hence exposure continues for a little longer.
      Internet stocks are like the wind but when you've got
      cancer and there is no way out, you WILL buy and try a
      product. I feel this will be a bigger driving force than
      you can imagine(untile another product comes along).
      And what the heck, some stocks when they come into
      there own do sometimes fly to Fantasy island. Of course
      one stint of bad news and the lemmings will also jump
      off the cliff as quick as they shot up the tree. I
      currently don't have a stop loss on this one as I am
      expecting a longer time frame and will except a ittle

      Enjoy the ride all and thanks everyone for the great
      informative posts that got me here in the first

    • OK fine, now we're up...don't be dumb, move your
      stop loss up (we're not living on Fantasy Island). But
      to where: any ideas?...mine is at 6 now. I want to
      move it to 9 but there could be general market
      volatility over the next month and I don't want to get
      whipsawed out for no reason at all.

    • It is scary how well technical analysis works. Look at how close they called this one (see my previous posts).

    • The afterhours trading showed what looked like
      insitutional buying in blocks of 4000 shares @11 7/16- 11 1/2.
      I don't think that kind of interest can be
      generated by expectations of an artical coming out over the
      weekend. In any case somethink big is coming and someone
      is buying at almost any cost. Maybe coverage by one
      of the bigger analysis's. Now there are enough
      people aware of this volumn that a stronger driving
      force has been created. My guess is that something will
      be anouced this weekend. If anyone hears, please

      the dogs have salivated all over their bods
      i love the slippery feeling

    • all the way to monday!!! Cheers to k5 and mpicks, and all the holders!!!

    • Finally our rewards are coming - moving up - shorts are running to cover fast - blew through $10 did I see $11+

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