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  • MavericRJS MavericRJS Dec 5, 1998 9:40 AM Flag

    What's the story?

    Is this the rumored Celgene-Entremed agreement
    that was talked about on this link a few months
    ago?....I feel it is a done deal.Is this the old scenerio
    BUY on RUMOR, SELL on NEWS that we experienced back
    in July?.....I hope Monday sets a new trend.....LONG
    on CELGENE but WARY

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    • Dave are you out there. Roses where are you...................................................................................

    • Fellow CELG stockowner and RA sufferer...check
      out the CYPb board on Yahoo.. within a week it is
      likely that the FDA will give final approval for a
      revolutionary very effective treatment for RA. This is not a
      drug but a dialysis procedure using protein A column.
      This recoves glycoporteins (immunoglobulins and
      platelets and has proved exceptionally sucessful phase III
      studies. It may revolutionize the treatment of RA....if it
      works for you it may allow you to eliminate the use of of luck.. and go CELG and CYPb.

    • very expensive form of tylenol. immunex is a dogsh*t company.

    • Understand ur interest in reducing the cost of a
      very expensive
      Have been injecting
      Enbrel for 3 weeks in the hope that
      I could reduce or
      eliminate Prednisone, which has stiff side-effects for
      To date there is no noticable improvement. I will
      continue trying for awhile longer.

    • I know why ENMD sold the rights. It was the only
      way for them to latch onto a revenue stream. ENMD
      knows that AS/ES are going to take years to develop
      with no assurances they will be successful. Many other
      companies, including CELG, have anti-angeogenic agents in
      various stages of development. Some of them are further
      along than ES/AS, and without the controversey
      surrounding the ability of other labs to duplicate results.
      ENMD's inflated valuation was due to some pretty serious
      mis-statements of fact in that NY Times article which sent the
      stock up to 85. It created a tremendous amount of
      premature excitement about ES/AS in both the financial and
      cancer communities.

      Again, the muddy waters are
      now cleared. All parties benefit. Anti-angeogenesis
      represents such an exciting prospect in the fight against
      cancer. I wouldn't bet the farm on ES/AS.

    • snoztoe, you stated........ >>>>The
      problem for ENMD was that CELG got the first approval,
      and ENMD is 2 to 3 years away from being able to go
      for any FDA approval on the drug. In other words,
      ENMD lost the race.<<<<<

      have to remember, thalidomide is just a toxic
      substance with some anti-angiogenesis effect. EntreMed's
      Endostatin is produced by the human body in cancer states,
      has NO toxicity in primates, is effective in EVERY
      known mouse cancer model unlike thalidomide, has no
      tolerance effect in the mouse cancer model and is being
      produced in large quantity for human use as we speak. I
      seriously disagree (and I think ENMD management does too)
      on your time frame for possible Endostatin FDA

      Why do you think ENMD sold the rights? They believe
      thalidomide has a very limited future in cancer. Again
      remember the toxicity issue too.... this is the biggest
      rate limiting step in clinical trials. Endostatin will
      win the war on cancer.

    • This might be a rather imature response but....
      START ME UP!

    • Finally, there can be no more confusion on the
      thalidomide issue. Celgene is the only game in town.
      Obviously, Entremed recognized that, since it lost the
      approval foot-race to Celgene, ENMD was never going to go
      for approval for cancer. It made no economic sense to
      keep putting out news about thalidomide's cancer
      benefits when all the off label sales would be going to
      CELG. This deal makes perfect sense for CELG because it
      clears up the confusion which has always been out there
      as to who has rights to what. It also makes sense
      for CELG to access the relationships at the NCI which
      ENMD had cultivated, but couldn't do much with.

      All in all, a win-win situation with the biggest
      winners being cancer patients who will gain access to
      this drug! Way to go!

    • I've come, through my own 25 years of experience
      with Crohn's, to be aware ofthe highly publicized
      positive 60-70% efficacy rate attributed to the drug.
      While you address oncology as your specialty, have you
      had/heard any positive/negative experiences in your
      "travels" with respect to infleximab in deference to
      Crohn's Disease? I'm at the juncture of "jumping" at a
      treatment possibility.

    • md:

      Thanks for takeing time and respond on
      my questions.

      I am following angiogenesis
      (positive and negative applications) for last three year,
      so every bit of info which can help me to better
      understand this field is of help. Also, I have vested
      interest on several bts which primary business field is

      I am aware of many abstracts from ASH. Your numbers
      for response in MM pts are bit higher (as I suspected
      because there were more time for prolonged T therapy)
      that reported in abstract. Results are impressive for
      refractory MM.

      <<Additionally, she reported
      that they stained marrow biopsies for CD34+ cells and
      showed decreased angiogenesis.>>

      This is
      also important, as it is another evidence that T ended
      is anti-angio agent and it is his primary mode of
      action in cancer therapy.

      To bad that T is
      investigated in pts only when all other options failed. But,
      this may change faster than we all

      Anyway, from now T will be present at every cancer
      conference and good news will spread among


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