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  • jfitisoff jfitisoff Dec 7, 1998 12:03 AM Flag


    <<you people are incredibly simple and
    naive. please grow up. while CELG will be a great
    company someday its still a little piece of shit. it will
    give back 2 points on monday. sorry, but thats the way
    it is.>>

    I'm not going to flat out say
    that it won't, but I will say that the fundamental
    situation is different now. I've made some pretty good
    money over the last few years buying in the 7-9 range
    and selling in the low teens. I think those days are
    ending though. The company has an FDA approval for one
    indication, clinical data supporting the use of thalidomide
    for many other indications are starting to pour in
    and the first of the second-generation drugs is in
    the clinic.

    Don't forget how excited
    investors were about the anti-TNF MAb's and Synergen's IL1
    receptor antagonist drug back at the beginning of the
    decade. Those were INJECTABLE drugs that didn't work.
    Look at the market's more recent reaction to drugs
    marketed by CNTO and IMNX. Those are injectable too, and
    expensive. A orally active drug that down-regulates the
    overproduction of TNF is important, and judging from the
    clinical evidence that we're seeing thalidomide appears to
    do the job. The anti-angiogenic properties of the
    drug are nice too. :-) If this was an entirely new
    compound that didn't have thalidomide's history CELG would
    probably be a $20-30 stock right now. Even if it drops
    back to the 8-10 level tomorrow (and I'm guessing that
    it won't) the stock's single-digit days are

104.97+1.56(+1.51%)May 2 4:00 PMEDT