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  • confordance confordance Dec 18, 1998 10:11 AM Flag

    All these BULL talk

    I really would like to know how a stock would take out 52 week high, without good news, good earnings etc...buyers beware.

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    • while some may have covered by now, others have
      come in seeing a short at 15 as a better deal than a
      short at 10. Bottom line, they are always there just
      like longs, and at each new price level some come out
      while others are getting out. What I mean now is that
      the technical picture is bullish enough that the
      smart ones are going to wait for 18 or higher before
      coming in. Its pretty clear we will get there so why not
      get the better price (that is their reasoning). I
      don't know when it will happen, but likely before the
      end of the year, there is great momentum in this
      stock right now, but nothing is guaranteed. For that
      same reason, if the price dips below 13 between now
      and year end (for some insane reason), I'd buy like

    • know it is only Monday; but I nominate Dinzley
      for the Forbes/Herrara Moron of the week award. Not
      for being a short or for believing that the stock
      will drop to 9 ( not likely, but not impossible), but
      for obviously not doing his homework and starting
      with the statement that "the solution is simple"


    • ...not this time - too much good news ahead. This
      stock will never see $9 again, as I said this summer,
      no matter how much we have a year from now we will
      be kicking ourselves for not buying more under $10.
      Prudential analyst seems to be referring to the IMID deal
      that is upcoming. Street will love it - we are
      currently sandwiched in between incredible announcements -
      we just had the multiple myeloma results and ENMD
      deal and ahead of us are probably announcements of at
      least $3 million 4th qtr Thal sales, IMID deal, Celgro
      deals, Crohns trial results that are so good they are
      almost unbeleiveable, probably a few NEW strong buy
      recommendations, and hopefully a trial that proves the chirally
      pure Ritalin works in a time released version. Its
      scary because ALL of these things appear to be
      coming....but... if only HALF do come this stock is headed to $100
      by Next Dec IMO. Now - imagine if ALL come in the
      next 6 months. Sorry Dinzley - we never see $9 again -
      $90 before $9 ...really!

    • 6'-2" stud!!!

      Ready for the ride this
      week? Seat belt fastened? The friday close was either a
      BIG (single short positions) which seems unlikely in
      such a thinner traded stock or institutions coming in.
      I'm ready for a pull back to get a little more.
      What's your take on that posiblity? Wish a few of my
      others were up just a little to free up some cash.

    • how could you possibly have confidence in shorting a stock that has no resistance yet! man, thats the chance your going to have to take!

    • The sol'n is simpler than you would like to
      1)Short covering led to the initial rise (1.4 million
      shares short. Short covering will general lead to the
      rise prior to a news release.
      2)CELG received
      national attention and also showed up on traders screens
      do to %gain from #1 (good timing)
      3)Day traders
      have been playing with the stock and keeping the
      volume up.

      If you follow biotech's you know that
      not much has been going on.
      Volume will decrease,
      shorters will come back, price will fall to $9, quickly!

    • I called the Company several months ago
      was told that sales would released at the end
      each quarter only!
      The Celgene home page shows when
      quarterly reports
      will be released.


    • >> Where did all these other longs come
      from? just three weeks ago there were about 5 of us.

      >>> Maybe they came over from the Entremed board. I
      have owned ENMD for about six months and now I own
      some Celgene too. Celgene has a cancer drug that they
      can sell right now (thalidomide). It may or may not
      be the best, but a revenue stream of some kind seems
      like a good thing.

      That's exactly why I bought
      CELG recently. I bought it the day the deal was
      announced. I owned ENMD for it's endostating potential of
      course, but I also liked it for it's Thalidomide
      potential. I still think Entremed is worth the risk, but
      CELG has more short-term possibilities. So far it was
      a good move. I see its revenues increasing
      substantially once Thalidomide's results become more well
      known. I wish I could afford to buy more!

    • Let me make clear that on the ritalin or IMIDs
      deals, the Company has stated in each of the last
      several investor calls that it is intensive discussions
      on these - but this sort of deal requires very
      complex negotiations and one or both may never happen.
      The Company has also said that it expects peer
      reviewed publications (which are very important to the
      sales force's ability to market the drug) for both the
      glioblastoma and multiple myeloma indications in the next 6
      months, and for cancer wasting later in the year. I do
      not expect that the Company will break out Dec. alone
      but rather will report the entire quarter only. I
      would think that $1.5 million for December alone is
      very attainable. I think the heavy trading at the end
      of Fri. may have been the start of short covering as
      I would expect institutions buying to do so more
      slowly. I do think that the institutions are buying
      heavily now. May it and the short covering continue.

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