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  • nage5 nage5 May 13, 2003 7:22 AM Flag

    Pref at $25 just as I predicted.

    I been buying since $21.70 and kept saying over and over it will soon be at $25 par value. See messages starting at #1245. All fool bashers like officejrb talking me down. Fat returns and nice capital gain too. Thanks AEC!

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    • You were absolutely right. sorry i didn't take your advice on Aec preferred A. I did however get into LTC preferred A about the time of your post and have done quite well on that one. Are you going to hold on AEC preferred A and What other preferreds on REIT commons are you holding at present of looking to get into?

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      • I bot a whole slush fund of prefs over the last 2 years that were trading below par. I own alot of LTC prefs too. Rates keep heading lower and the fed will cut again this month. Right now I still believe USV_pa is still a real nice buy at over $2 below its par price. Still around $22.50-$22.70. BUY! Yes I will hold for the income for a while. Nothing better to do. Some like my AIV just called in my AIV_pc but I still have handfuls more I am sitting on. Gd lk!