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  • i832u i832u May 9, 2005 4:39 PM Flag

    Funny how so called investors

    are so excited from .20 cents. But they do have right to be because stock is only down since January $1.80 today after this rocket rise.lololol
    You people have to feel "rich" today.lololol
    I hope it will continue for you to get some money back. I really do.

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    • June 1 and June 2 in Millenium Hotel in NYC?

      It would be helpful for the company to increase its IR activity, both at Bank conferences and at industry confabs. Sharga is a very good manager, and tells the Ceragon story in a totally professional way.

    • I saw you there posting this morning a buy at 2.55
      Are you still holding it? I got in at 2.62 when rumor was whispering between traders. Sold half at 3.30 AH. It was quick $5K. Fun stock.

    • The fact that they can maintain GM at above 40% truely tells that they still have the power to negotiate, vs the majority of competitors with much lower/negative GM have to give away (like STXN). Once in a CC when they answered an analyst's question regarding GM, they said they could walk away from a deal if the terms were not acceptable, and still maintaining both top/bottom line growth.

      So far I find the management is doing an excellent and trustworthy job. And the trend indicates 100M sales not very far off.

    • Generally agree. The credit risk thing is way overblown, and reflects some in the market with limited experience. Yes, you do need to be careful who you sell to/how you sell, but after the demise of the wireless CLECs and some larger FWA carrier efforts in 2000/2001, CRNT and its like are mostly much more discerning in the caliber of customers they pursue and the credit guarantees the demand or deal for, such as credit insurance.

      Enterprise sales are not necessarily lower margin, it really depends. In some cases, high end govt./military/major corporate enterprise biz can support higher margins than lower end stuff. That is often addressed via a resales channel.

      I think that as the CRNT biz grows, and more major carrier and institutional projects hit, and especially any OEM deals, their will more likely be an impact on DSOs getting a bit higher/longer perhaps than outright credit risk, etc. But CRNT has a broad enough base to balance that and sufficient financial strength to make this a minor issue.

    • Read a report this morning, from CE Unterberg office in Israel.

      Cergaon named Unterberg's top near-term stock pick [in Israeli universe]

      " Ceragon's first-quarter results beat the projection, inspiring the bank to predict 30% revenue growth for the year 2005. Renevnues were $16.7 million, up 48% from $11.4 million for the first quarter of 2004. It netted $834,000 or 3 cents per share versus netting 39,000 in same period last year.

      Given the company's strong status in wireless networks, Unterberg says, it is well positioned to achive its growth targets.

      This year Ceragon stock has fallen 28% despite its relatively strong results. The analysts postulate that investors may be worried that the company's shift to beger deals may force Ceragon eto extend its credit to customers. But in Unterberg's opinion, their fears are overblown. It finds the company's involvement in beigger deals to be encouraging, demonstrating that the market is noticing the Israeli company. "

      Read some of my previous posts, and you will sense the same discussions, ie. that enterprise business might appear to have lower margins. However that Ceragon's path to growth into a $100,000,000 company require the hunting of bigger deals.

    • 832 really sounds like one of my friends who drove a Ferrari during 1999/2000 boom days. He jumped in and out, and out and in, and touched whatever stocks (well mainly hi-tech at the time) he thought he could make money. Of course he bragged a lot, a lot more than our modest 832.

      Nowadays, he mainly walks. Sometimes he rides a chauffeur-driven vechicle, shared with a few dozen others...

    • 832,

      They definitely need you over there at the POS board. The have only 18 messages so far this year. You can put out at least that many during one night shift at 7-11. And the posts there also match your level of talent. They even have a recent post with this title:

      "Who came up with this ticker symbol?"

      How nice.

    • I heard your brother is making big, I mean BIG, money by shorting ISON. You have to be careful now. Once he makes enough money to pay the rent, he'll quit his 7-11 night shift and stay home, I mean trailer, all night.

    • Whenever my brother comes near me, the music from the movie "Deliverance" can be heard... its scary.

    • I'm sure 7-11 is the perfect career for your brother, and the all-night shift actually fits him most. Those who go there at night just want to pick up some beer or chips, or peep around the magazine stand by themselves. There is no need for your brother to say a word. Otherwise, people would notice his subpar language skill and that'd hurt his self-esteem.

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