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  • snagglepuss82 snagglepuss82 May 20, 2011 11:09 PM Flag


    Hey Dinky ... I see your still poo flinging on the message board. Most people get past that stage by the time they are 1. Not you ... you're a poo flinger for life.

    Now that I have your attention you can put your dinky down for just a few minutes. Don't worry no one is going to touch your CAPS LOCK key.

    I wonder why a wall street poo flinger like you would initiate a short position at $13.50 in January and not be able to make money when the stock hit $10.50 in recent days. I did my homework and discovered exactly why. You are a RETAIL MKT IGNORANT M0R0N that was shorting CRNT during the last 6 months of 2010.

    It all makes sense to me now ... your not even close to break even let alone profitable. I especially like your 7/22/10 post where you use the ID "Wallstwankinprofits". I think that is your best ID, it pretty much sums up your day. You consider "wankin" on wall street a way to make profits.

    You keep poo flinging PUD MASTER, and don't be afraid to use 2 hands. I'm sure after all the pud pulling you did last year your CAPS LOCK key is now cemented in place. Another $4.50 down and you'll be in the black ... then everyone will see just how clever you were shorting CRNT going all the way back to June 2010.

    Oh and by the way ... thanks for all the cash !

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