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  • snagglepuss82 snagglepuss82 May 31, 2011 4:17 PM Flag

    Dinky Boy misses again

    Hey Dinky its been 1 year since you started shorting this stock at about $6 per share. How is that working out ... LMAO !

    I see your still flinging poo and posting non sense. If you continue to fight mental health your never going to make any money. All the poo flinging in the world isn't going to make people sell.

    Many of the board members that post here think your an IDIOT. Not me PUD MASTER ... I think your a M0R0N. Here's the difference:

    An IDIOT shorts a stock and posts mindless non sense in hope that people will sell. A M0R0N shorts a stock and posts mindless non sense, then responds to his own posts using different ID's.

    That's you dinky boy .. a real M0R0N !!!

    You can post faster than a cocaine crazed schizophrenic, lose money in a single trade, and never take your hand off your dinky. Your like superman ... I ask myself, is he a retail trader, a fund manager, an analyst ... NO !!! ... He is POO FLINGING PUD MASTER OF THE NON PROFIT ! ... here to keep all the retail traders from making any money.

    Hang in there Dinky ... you never know when a post like HAHAHEHE or HEHEHAHA is going to make people sell ... and when it does you'll be there ... CAPS LOCK engaged and one hand on your dinky.

    Isn't that right PUD MASTER ?

    P.S. Thanks for the cash M0R0N !

    ROTFLMAO !!!

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