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Ceragon Networks Ltd. (CRNT) Message Board

  • oh_what_a_game oh_what_a_game Feb 7, 2001 11:59 AM Flag


    Is that this board better get more lively or close up shop. Where the hell is everybody? I realize that the float isn't that high and the average daily volume isn't great, but this is one hell of a stock. EOM

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    • It is not so surprising that CRNT has good margin growth. The old school competitors like STXN and PCOM have a legacy of old small bandwidth products down to T1 data rates, that have no margin left whatsoever. They need to continue to suport them for their customers, however.

      Companies like TNSI and CRNT have chosen to concentrate on the high end products that start at 100 Mb and go up. There is much less competition, and definite barriers to entry for competitors. That all equals greater margins!

    • They somewhat compete. Terrabeam is for very short distances, and its technology is relatively unproven. CRNT is for short to long distances and its technology is very proven and understood. The attraction for terrabeam is, for very short hops, the equipment is cheaper and you do not need a frequency license. LU is just expanding its bag of tricks.

    • another question for you. As you probably are aware, LU is a major, major investor in Terrabeam. What do you make of LU entering into a purchasing agreement with CRNT? Would CRNT and Terrabeam work side by side or do they compete with each other? I thought it was interesting that LU would hook up with CRNT if they had a winner in Terrabeam, unless of course like I asked, these products fill different demands.

      TIA for your thoughts.

    • Basically, the world is a tower of Babel. Each country has its own bands of frequencies that they allow wireless services to operate on. The US obviously uses FCC designated frequencies, and many other countries simply copy the FCC rules. The European Union has a similar organization, ETSI, that has its own unique requirements for radios. Most notably, the allowed frequencies of operation are different. There are also subtle differences, like the purity of the output spectrum transmitted. Many countries copy the ETSI rules as their own. Finally, there is the "wild west" of Latin America and the Pacific Rim where you have a mishmash of rules.

      It is all significant in that a company, like TNSI or CRNT, can not supply radios to a certain country unless their radios comply completely with that countries rules.

      We were discussing if TNSI was able to sell radios to the Pacific Rim, and I commented that since they were type approved for Japan (an unusual step for a foreign company), and radiating in a number of field trials in Malaysia, Taiwan, and mainland China, obviously TNSI can cover the frequency ranges needed in the Pacific rim.

      Due to limited time and engineering budgets, it is common that the less popular frequncy plans do not get full support from any company. It seems to me, though I do not know the internal development plans of either company, that CRNT is focusing on European marketing, and TNSI is focusing on Pacific Rim. Both are going after the US market.

    • biff, I follow you over on TNSI board and appreciate your input, time and thoughts. You commented in your last post here on the poster's EU statement but did not comment on his, "Very limited Frequencies and a limited set of interfaces..." post. Could you please give me your thoughts on this...I am not a techie and would appreciate your response. TIA.


    • TNSI is concentrating on winning Asian contracts right now. European frequency coverage will come later. CRNT an outsider to the EU also, so I do not see them as having any particular advantage over EU vendors in holding Europe.

      TNSI IS type approved in Japan, and is undergoing deployment with Fusion there, and also is under numerous field trials throughout the pacific rim through Commverge. CRNT is NOT type approved in Japan, so I do not understand your last post re: "European/Asia".

    • TNSI only have a product that can be sold in the US and no European/Asian approvals. Very limited Frequencies and a limited set of interfaces... Enough

    • Thanks for the reply, docta. "Old boy" network is what it appears to be. Ceragon gets coverage, TNSI doesn't.

    • Huh?

    • In times of depression and in the lands of loosers it is tempting to think that way. Now it's jews again who got in a way of your dreams of becoming rich in one day. You've got to be smarter than that. Think - Ceragon is two steps ahead of TNSI in earnings and PR and contracts and following through with promises. Just give TNSI some time and both will dominate their field.

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