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  • maxborder20002 maxborder20002 May 1, 2006 5:01 PM Flag

    Noe Valley Real Food store status

    <<<<"It is interesting how you capitalized "socially responsible". The reality is that many unions are socially irresponsible. Many are just as corrupt or more corrupt than the companies they leech off of. Some unions are just fronts-two-faced turncoats who represent the workers on one hand, but buddy up with the company on the other, providing no net positive service.

    What do a bunch of lazy gangsters do to add to the overall good of the worker while they're leeching off the worker (taking union dues)? Most of the time they're sitting in a black limo doing nothing, or perhaps playing golf on their do-nothing salaries.

    People should look to Fed Ex. A non-union company that's always near the top in ratings of companies employees love to work for.">>>>

    Excellent post!!!!!!!!

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