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  • YahooFinance YahooFinance May 7, 1998 3:36 AM Flag


    This is the Yahoo! Message Board about NUTR, where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • Checked SEC regs. They are allowed to buy a
      block, regardless of volume. Otherwise, when they buy in
      the open market, they have to abide by a formula,
      sitting on the bid and average volume.
      Just ahunch,
      but I bet it was NUTR buying back a large chunk of
      shares, after the recent announcement of a 1.5 million
      share buyback.
      I will be exhibiting at a convention
      this weekend and hope to see them there. I bought more
      shares of NUTR today, because I always love such an
      opportunity aftedr a huge block crosses (even though I paid
      1/4 more). In fact, there was another large block
      crossed around a month ago. Perhaps this was orchestrated
      and gave one of the vc's a way out. Looks like the
      stock is being cleaned up. Once the large overhead
      blocks are taken out, a stock has a chance to rise. This
      is a busted IPO, but if they earn 60 cents this
      year, you can hold the stock fro a few years, collect
      the retained earnings and get the stock for
      They have a distinct advantage over TWLB, WNI, NBTY ,
      NTOL in that they rarely use brokers. This gives them
      bigger margins. However, their stock is being punished
      with the group. This divergence gives one a iunique
      opportunity to pick a stock.
      The salaries are kind of
      high, but I see this all too often, anyway.

    • I've been holding this for over a year and a half now with a substantial loss. I'm hoping management think of the shareholders and sell the company.

    • Looks like they bought the trademakr for a song
      as their sales are insignificant. Could have been an
      anti-trust issue with the RXSD acquisition. Smart move to
      revitalize oldie but goodie brand name. They can just slap a
      Thompson label on their KAL products and regain an old
      following. That's how the supplement industry works,

    • Probably pre-negotiated below the bid. I suspect
      this was an old overhang and crossed after Twinlab's
      earnings and stock drop. This could be a prelude to a
      takeover. There's abig health food show in Amsterdam next
      month and I expect some big Euro food companies to snap
      up American bargains. One company recently bought
      GNC and Rexall Sundown. The smaller players will go
      down the list of American candidates and this one is
      real cheap. I think they can get at least $8 for NUTR
      and playiung it for a takeover. The stock firmed
      after the block crossed.

    • Company sells direct only to Health food stores.Willnot sell to mass markets.I E safeway Fred Meyer etc.

    • At this price NUTR has to be a lot more attractive to buy then to invest in. IF, the management is WILLING.

    • Nothing to sneeze at. I assume the long-term obligations is what is owed to the vc's. I couldn't figure it out in their SEC filing.
      The company should earn about 60 cents a year.

    • I have a small health food store. Nutraceutical
      is one of the few companies that still sells to
      independent health food stores only. They do not use
      distributors but they do have the extra expense of salesmen
      traveling on the road servicing accounts.

    • Either no volume or Yahoo is wrong. Hasn't shown
      any trade activity since yesterday.

      That would
      pretty much put this stock into the super-yawn category
      that won't see any volume unless it is the management
      selling each other their options.

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