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  • yahoo yahoo May 13, 2005 1:18 AM Flag

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    • lemon, I know the feeling, I fell in love with DHB, bought in 2 yrs. ago and made great $$$ but have given back major $$$ since the beginning of the year and finally got out of DHB about 3 weeks ago (just got too greedy). The old saying, bulls make money, bears make money and "pigs get slaughtered". We will be ok with CRDN, just have to ride this rough period through. Best of luck to you Lemon and all other CRDN longs...mje

    • "plenty of time to buy it..." indicates it is oversold, as it is.

    • Sorry if I was harsh -- also, this thread was started I think by one of the offputting, "stock sux <EOM>" type msgs.

      Hey, I'm jittery, too, and trading too much in a kind of illusion that taking profits "locks 'em up..." only to reposition the money in what has to be viewed objectively as equally risky (if not quite so toppy-LOOKING) spots.... The first stage of love, however, is heavy on infatuation, and that surely describes part of my feeling about CRDN.

      And I paid for it -- bought yest. A.M., driving the price up to levels it never achieved later in the day.... The best of Motley's ideas have always struck me as darn good, and I think CRDN is one of those.

    • DHB broke 13.70 critical support, game over.Now look at it.I sold OVTI yesterday in AH @ 18.50 wondering if it was too kneejerk. Afterall, they beat by .06, SEE IT TODAY?!! enough said from me.good luck all.

    • Believe me, I know the whole story, the boron carbite nobody else has, all of it.Read the chart.Never should a good stock like this crater after the split.It is what it is. If they beat by 20cents, I'll be glad i'm gone. 50cents? maybe a rally.Look at AH trading lately! See a pattern? I sure as hell do! Sell any news, that's what I see.I'm up $14K this yr, protecting it.

    • I use probabilities, you can't compare XEC to CRDN. CRDN IS RISKY. XEC has hard assets in the ground, a p/e of aroud 10, it's NG, which just bounced off 6.00 to 6.75pcf! CRDN has to grow 30% to justify a 30p/e or the street will dump it like an unexploded IED in Iraq. It also needs Iraq, which smart money knows more about what's going on, through the Pentagon.I have plenty of time to buy it when it blows out earnings.I won't get blownup with it if it bombs or is a dud of a report.

    • lemon,You certainly make valid points and i also think that we will be battling the religious fanatics for years to come but why the hostility towards me. All I said was that the present market environment sucks and as great a company as CRDN is,(and it certainly is)if it is out of favor for any reason (defense) then it could be difficult to move North at the present time. I'm inclined to sell a small portion of my position (25%) and add more on any dips. Not sure if that is a good strategy or not but one that I am contemplating. I also believe that CRDN is far superior to both AH & DHB. I have held all 3 in the past and now only hold CRDN. My short term sentiment is "HOLD", my long term sentiment is "BUY"...mje

    • I'm sorry, but I hate it when folks from the Far East sound like fortune cookies -- on Yahoo.

      Weak hands, weak minds -- I only wish they'd pack their tents when they fall in or out of love.... I, too, had a trying week away from the mkt -- when I returned, I learned that a large part of the carnage had to do with some sort of mistake some analyst made about Korea's fiscal policy. (OK, I won't say anything more about the Yellow Peril!)

      And oil zigged! OMIGOD! ... and now it zagged.

      This (ours), flawed tho' it is with a nearly incompetent illiterate as CEO, is still darn near the only game to play -- yeah, maybe you can make more money in R.E., energy or gold, but I don't think *I* can -- and doubt that you can, either, if truth be told.

      It pains me all sorts of ways, but if you're gonna bet on peace, LOL! ... W. is truly having his strings pulled; I hope we don't have a real or sham war with Korea or Iran, but there's no F'in' way defense spending is gonna trend down any time soon.

      As I say, institutions and smarter people like me will absorb any shares the morons choose to darn near give away at these levels.

    • irendent, I've been out of the country for nearly 3 weeks and sold DHB & AH just before I left but held onto my CRDN because I like the fundamentals best in CRDN of the three above mentioned defense stocks but that said the total stock market environment sucks. I'm afraid you're correct that CRDN could even drop further even with good earnings and forward expectations. I hate to sell CRDN because long term prospects I believe are excellent but I sure hate to lose more $$$. I dropped 20k while I was gone and it seems everything (at least that I'm interested in) just can't ssen to move North...mje

    • out @ 29.70, don't think even a beat by .05 will help this barely struggling to stay above 200dma, OVTI beat by .06, $6mill on revs, look what happened. I solkd OVTI in AH @ 18.50 w/ profit not thinking it was wise, look at it now.Sold DHB 13.

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