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  • pegsbored pegsbored Jul 3, 2006 10:55 AM Flag

    Re: Bernanke


    Ah, yet another repulican dismissing truth instead of giving an INTELLIGENT argument. I am not a liberal or a right wing zealot. I am an american. Maybe I'm a libertarian who is fed up with both sides of this mess. If your so smart, why don't you give me a point by point argument of why I'm so wrong? I'll bet you couldn't keep the debate alive, just like the falling prince of darkness in washington. Dismiss and evade, sidestep and rebuke, but no reply. Republicans are sooo good at that. I don't want power for dems. (think your a freakin mind reader too, I suppose) I don't want to support dead weights with my hard earned money. I also refuse to send my kids to die for a war fought for Exxon/Mobil's profits off cheap oil. If we need to fight terrorist, we need to do it on our shores. Not spend, spend, spend, on theirs(and then rebuild them). Do you know the differene between a muslim extremist and a christian coalitianist rep? Not a damn thing. Pick up a few books not censored by our "quickly becoming da fuhrer's neo nazi regime" and read. Read a little news from outside this country. EDUCATE yourself and them come back and have something intelligent to say. As far as CRDN is concerned, I will make money off of it until I see physical economic indications it's time to sell, and that will come. The stock market has nothing to do with a companies worth, it has to do with the economic vialbility of the investors, and that is why CRDN and many others aren't where they should be price wise. By the way I don't hold a political office so why would I want to get back in?

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