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  • canmakewet canmakewet Jul 11, 2006 2:06 PM Flag

    I'll buy more CRDN in the 40's, I sold


    Where do I get such information? From publicly available documents. Do you read the 10ks, Qs, Proxies, 8-ks and other filings? Obviously not. Let's see, who is naive? The guys who shorted stocks like Enron or the investors who believed whatever nonsense management pedaled? Why do you believe everything managements tell you? Why do managements lie? Well, managements want their stocks to go higher so they can sell and make money. Guys like you lap up every nugget they give you and bid the stock higher. Yes, the truth will come out, and the earnings estimates will fall, but it will take time. I am patient. But, it would of course help my case if people were smarter and did their homework. Did you read the posting about Options backdating? You probably did not understand it, since you certainly do not understand how there is such a high short interest. There are over 6 million shares short CRDN. Since that math may be difficult for you, that is over a $300 million bet that this stock will go down. There are a lot of smart people making that bet. The posting about options backdating is clear. CRDN backdated their options to make more money at shareholder expense. This is illegal, unethical, and simply wrong. But hey, you keep on buying CRDN, while I keep shorting it. Six months from now, when you are bitter and broke, remember you were told to get out while the stock was in the $50s. This is a gift. Guys like you were excited about the ID/IQ. Indefinite number/Indefinite Quantity. CRDN gets nearly $60 million from this for 2006. Their guidance on their conference call was $70 to $75 million. The announcement is a SHORTFALL. But, the stock goes up. Why? Because there are too many dummies with money who don't understand the financials. America has outfitted 3x the number of troops in the middle east with body armor. Who is next? Politicians don't want to be accused of cutting body armor for our troops, so the spending for nearly 80lbs of body armor which incapacitates our troops continues. It is insanity, but it will stop some day. And when it does, look out below. The analysts covering the stock are getting nervous. All we need is for the SEC to confirm that they are probing CRDN for the options backdating and the stock is toast. But please, buy some more. I cannot understand the arrogance of the bulls. They can post their nonsense with no substance, but a bear offers some balance to the discussion, and rather than considering the other side, bears are dismissed as foolish, or wrong (with no argument support), or said to be about to panick, again with no basis. For stocks I on which I am a bull, I welcome the bearish comments to help consider something I may have missed. A dozen other bulls saying the same bullish things that cause me to already own the stock offer little value. Consider the possibility that you may be wrong. Few people are so rich that they do not care about stock prices. I care. I am short, and I want CRDN to go down. I want you to understand that you own a house of cards so that you will sell, and the stock will go down faster than it otherwise would. It will go down - a lot. It is simply a matter of when the masses figure out that numbers are going to plunge next year. Or when the SEC finds the time to punish the small companies for backdating options.

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