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  • defensestockguru2002 defensestockguru2002 Jul 12, 2006 1:07 PM Flag

    canmakemewet - part 2


    "I know this to be a fact, because I have done the research. I have read the Proxy statements and the 10ks. If you do the same (and possess the mental processor to absorb the information), you will find that Joel priced the options at the absolute low during the trading windows (30 days before and after the grant dates were struck) not once, but multiple times. As I explained before, the statistical probability of this is so extreme that it is considered to be a �statistical certainty� that the options were backdated."

    Good for you.

    Congratulations that you are able to read thru a 10k and proxy statements, yet you have failed to PRESENT anything to support your so-called "factual" statement alleging that the CEO backdated options.

    Instead, you have simply posted a bunch of hot air, backed by no specific option grant dates, stock price, etc.

    Thus, I will give you and your intellect something to chew on . . .

    How about the FACT that during Q1 of this year the Company issued 39,550 restricted stock units to eligible employees and non-employee directors with a grant fair value of $62.07 per share, the DEAD ASS HIGH OF MARCH 6TH?

    ( See Page 10 of recent Form 10-Q )

    This topic is deleted.