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  • whyiloveamerica whyiloveamerica Dec 12, 2001 12:00 PM Flag

    just bought in with around 5k

    hey guys.

    i've been watching this puppy for awhile and like what i see. wish i would've bought at lower levels. i watched it rise and finally bought at .90 today.

    i'm comfortable with my position, though, for a few reasons.

    first of all, the company still has about 26 million in cash, which makes for about 1.54 a share value, purely by cash measure. Thus, i'll hold at least until we hit that.

    second, the beta testing for the new product is suppose to happen soon, and i do suspect there will be a pr about that.

    third, our new board member has a great deal of experience, and he no doubt wants his shares to increase just as much as we do, so i wouldn't be surprised if he is helping them out quite a bit.

    fourth, it all has to do with the stock itself. at first, i was skeptical of all of these gains, but i've come to realize that whoever is buying is doing so quite strategically. and the good thing (for shareholders, at least) is that there aren't many sellers out there. this thing has been so beaten down over the past year that all sellers are already out if they will get out.

    further, there is an incredibly small float of about 10 million. the price being so low right now, this thing could surge quite quickly, as we all have seen. it seems as though insiders are slowly accumulating, and they will most likely not sell. thus, the float is moving more over to long-term holders. this is good for the old and new investor ( like me).

    further, there is absolutely no hype on this stock. there are no full message boards or rumor is only strong, continued buying of a small number of shares.

    i like this quite a bit.

    sure, it could turn out to be a scam, this rise in price, but all the indicators point to this being a concerted, focused, knowledgable series of buying over the past week and a half. and still there are few sellers.

    this is one of the many nasdaq stocks that could take a turnaround quickly.

    more thoughts to come. but until then, is anyone else thinking the same thing?

    i'll try to contact IR (called three times today and he was on the other line) to see if anything is up.

    And even if this is just a bunch of insiders buying, that is fine with me, because it will at least establish a base price for us.

    if they hold (or whomever is buying holds) then we can't drift much further down.

    If 100K of buying can make us jump nearly 30%, i'm looking forward to seeing what more can do!


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    • Why,

      You have made some excellent points. In particular, your point about the shift to longer term shareholders seems particularly true for TLXS. You may not believe me, but over the last 2 days I have personally sold over 60,000 shares and still hold 50,000 more which I intend to keep for awhile. I've accumulated these shares over the last several months at an average price around 33 cents, so I had to pocket the double on at least half the shares. The point is that only 311,200 shares traded the last two days (during which the stock ended basically flat) and I ALONE accounted for a large part of this. This means that, surprisingly, there were not many other traders buying TLXS at the lower levels since many of them would have taken at least some profit, as did I. I now firmly believe that the great majority of the recent buying has been done by someone who knows that something good is going to happen. If you've watched on Level II over the past several months then you've noticed that NDBC has been accumulating a very large number of shares (I believe it was TLXStrooper who pointed this out recently). I don't know if NDBC is the main buyer who shot TLXS up on Friday, but he still seems quite interested in buying. To me, all this seems to indicate that TLXS may be just beginning its run, which I intend on enjoying with my free shares.

      Just my two cents,