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  • whyiloveamerica whyiloveamerica Dec 15, 2001 10:45 AM Flag

    hey all

    i'm going to try again to get a hold of IR on monday to get some questions answered.

    on the surface, we have what seems to be a great investment here: a company that has failed in one area, but has beaten back and re-emerged with a new product and the possibility of a still-bright future.

    If they had no cash and lots of debt, I would say sell this thing like there's no tomorrow, but they do have lots of cash and all it will take to mark a true turnaround is for this product (and others like it) to have a successful contract or two in the coming months.

    It seems as though the company is already lowering burn-rate. They have been pretty quiet for the past six months, etc., so I would assume that the addition of this S.Ward fella really upped the stakes for FiberLeap and that the company was able to craft this into something the market would really want and, more importantly, buy.

    again, we'll have to wait and see, though.

    as far as the stock situation goes, like i said, i was disappointed in the past two days activity. But the fairly strong rebound to around the mid .80's was very positive.

    contrary to what the two posters here are saying, I don't think that much pump and dump happened. Or, if it did, then those who would have dumped would have done so early this week...and that didn't happen.

    I think the more important thing was some old longs and insiders buying and holding. Sure, some sold positions or parts of positions on the run-up...that was wise, but it can be guaranteed that shares are more tightly held now than when we were at .30, .40, .50, .60., etc.

    now, what we need is some new information and some possible wide-spread interest in the technology and the stock. we need continued volume here on this puppy.

    also, for new holders, don't be scared by quick dips to the .70's or low .80's...people buying this stock are smart inthat they put their bid's low; thus, when someone wants to sell, they have to go get the bid.

    and if you notice that in afternoon trading on friday, the stasis at .80 or so stopped when just a little buying came in.

    so, again, here's to a fiber-optic/telecom turnaround in 02 and some much needed attention for tlxs.