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  • ar2537 ar2537 Mar 25, 2011 12:06 PM Flag

    Why the sell off this week?

    Perhaps it's an expectation of slower first quarter growth rate due to the fire, limited equipment and, therefore, less fracking than had been expected. If so, it may be an opportunity for investors to add.

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    • Investors from outside the immediate market area where Gasfrac conducts their business, can only rely on press releases and such to keep them informed. Those of us that are closer to the situation may not be as confident as all the number crunchers out there.
      There is a definite atmosphere of uncertainly hanging over Gasfrac due to accidents in the recent months. Until the OH+S publish the results of the last incident, there are definitely some locals that may have lost faith in them for now. I happen to be one of those. I may or may not jump back in.
      As great an idea that it seems to pump propane on fracs, it remains the most volatile liquid to pump. There are some people that refuse to participate in the process. Whether it is consultants or service companies.
      It I s hard to have faith in an investment when you have to sleep with one eye open waiting for the next incident, IMO

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      • carolyn99 Mar 28, 2011 11:01 AM Flag

        Let's get some common sense back on this board. We have this mid east crap going oil coming from over there. Obama still has the moratorium on...EXCEPT FOR THE NEW ONE ISSUED THROUGH NOBLE TO BP!!!. He has once again "paid' Brazil to drill...the first time, it was oil for China. So...what do we have left for energy? Windmills and solar panels...both of which are dependent upon the weather.

        One incident...and the stock, the process is no good??? This is crap. Should we have stopped all drilling in the USA because of BP and its 700 waivers given for violations!

        This is nothing more than fear-mongering. When man is involved in anything, because we are not perfect....there will be mistakes. One does not throw the baby out with the bath water. We had a fire...if these people are as good as we think they are and their number reflect that...than they will learn from it and do it better next time.

        We get the green light on the environmental issue and then we have someone post on the board that this is not safe. I have a question....driving a car is not safe...should we all walk...oh wait...someone might run us over or a brick fall on our heads.

      • I VERY MUCH AGREE THAT IT IS THE LAST INCIDENT WHICH IS HURTING THE STOCK. Why the long time to release the report? On the other hand one should expect some trouble with new technologies and certainly there are enough usual danger problems around a drill site that these small incidents should not derail the entire process.

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