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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 May 11, 2011 11:03 AM Flag

    Feeding Frenzy, 30+ companies committed/interested

    Has anyone talked to management about plans to ever move to a (no-pink-sheets) US exchange?

    I just sent an email to asking the question, and suggesting that answering it in a FAQ on the investor page would probably be of interest to many. If you agree with that sentiment, feel free to send them a supporting email as well!

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    • Conference call from 1/4-4 2010 in May.Question was asked? They do not have any intentions at the moment of submitting for listing on US exchanges, stuck with pink sheets for?????

    • As a US investor, I have had the same question. In the 4Q CC back in March, the question came up. Company's answer is that a cost/benefit analysis showed the US upgrade not to be justified. That doesn't mean this couldn't change, but for now I would not anticipate anything. That said, the upgrade to the main Canadian exchange in late May or June will surely help GSFVF.PK as well as GFS. It will almost certainly pique interest on this side of the border, and volume -- which is not at all bad for a pink-sheet stock, anyway -- is very likely to improve. I have traded in pinks before, and this one behaves better than most.

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