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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Feb 28, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    quicksilver CC: BIG praise for Gasfrac

    What does the term "Oil Fracking" mean?

    Is this different that the common use of Water in Fracking? If so, then I'm not clear on the excitement as I thought "Water" Fracks were the real competition.

    • Even if GFS never takes a water fracking job away from a competitor, this segment is large enough to make GFS a much bigger company. I believe however, that there will come a time when communities will insist on waterless fracking. If it's between us and nothing, that extra 20% cost difference isn't going to look so great to an oil company. Of course, that would give us some serious pricing power as well.

    • No some formations are too water sensitive and they use oil to frac. This is even more expensive than LPG fracking and apparently doesn't work as well.

      So far I have seen no evidence that Gasfrac can compete with water fracking except in areas where there is no water.

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