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  • shapiro.sanford shapiro.sanford May 3, 2012 4:13 PM Flag

    Institutions selling..


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    • If you sold anything bc it broke $5 (like say GE or BAC in the crisis) bc the "institutions" had to sell it - you would have made the most poorly timed panic decisions EVER.

      Idiots trying to scare people.

      Morons, people are already scared - they get scared everytime there account value goes down. Then they sell to less emotional people- who make all of their money.

      Not sure what the purpose is in your minds to try and affect this - it is already happening.
      I guess you all are trying to cover just a little bit lower - fear will take care of them and greed take care of you.

      and I will benefit again

      • 1 Reply to biloslhi500
      • It is true in some cases that stocks come back from breaking below 5 and I see that you used 2 good examples with GE and BAC, even a better one would be DTG which was the king of all come backs, it went to .70 cents during the crisis and came back to 83.00 HOWEVER!!!!! in most cases stocks that travel under 5 never do come back, some do but most do not and institutions understand this and that's why it's an industry rule of thumb to get out below 5. You guys are missing one thing here, we are not in a crisis now with the markets and not in any bear market, market is booming with Dow over 13,000 so by a stock dropping under 5 in a bull market THAT'S NOT GOOD. Those examples you used with GE and BAC and a few others all happen during a period when most thought the world was coming to an end. If gasfrac has fallen under 5 during a bull market can you imagine how low it would be if we were in a bear market?

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