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  • lmk82003 lmk82003 Aug 23, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    Enercom interview

    Here is a brief interview from Enercom.


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    • This guys vocabulary is that of a grade 3 40 years gasfrac is the most interesting thing he's seen ,what a moronic statement.he should retire .he is sinking this company.he's about as exiting as a case of the crabs. He shoukld be stateing in my forty years this is the greatest boom to the gas industry ever...i believe in it so much i had to run this company. I believe this technology will replace many ways we recover oil and gas less invasively this way.or what ever .come on man.these people couldnt sell whiskey to a wino!!!!

    • An improvement over previous public speaking attempts, but he only had to hold it together for two minutes. Let's be honest - Zeke has two quarters to get this thing figured out or it's game over for current shareholders. Recapitalizing at these levels will not be pretty. The BOD should go head hunting at Westport for a new CEO. That's a company that understands how to sell a story to the market.

    • Its just too bad that only shareholders have watched it. Zeke has improved his presentation skills - he doesn't appear to be "half in the bag!"

    • lmkS2003:Thats what we need more advertising.

    • Not bad for a 2 minute interview, IMO.

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      • The slides that briefly shows up needs you to pause and read them. They outline the advantages of lpg-fracking over hydro-fracking. It is much easier to see the slides in the Yahoo video:

        Slide 1 shows all the Frac liquid (propane) recovered in slightly more than 10 days while hydrofracking is still producing water recovery at 1000 days.

        Slide 2 shows shows the Environmental Advantages
        -----Waterless: Eliminates all issues associated with water usage and disposal.
        -----Sustainable- able to reuse propane from production.
        -----Safe- no biocides or harmful chemicals.
        -----Reduced truck traffic - less delivery volume of frac liquid - no disposal traffic - minimal flaring due to reduced CO2 emissions
        -----Smaller operating footprint.

        He also emphasized safety in using this technology.

        This is a great video to send someone you may be trying to educate about GasFrac. Zeke shows his 40 years experience in the industry will add credibility to GasFrac.

        I bought into GasFrac when it was much more pricey, but I am hanging on. I expect that New York State where I live will be accepting LPG-Fracking as an acceptable method and that will propel their business here.


      • Good to see Zeke being less on the defensive and more offensive. I also notice that Dwight Loree hasn't covered any of his warrants. While some may say he got them for $1 so why would he a lot of cases when directors convert warrants or options they will sell enough to be cash sell just enough that the profits allow them to hold the balance without having to put in any cash. Loree doesn't seem to be doing that which I consider to be pretty positive as he's had to sink $825K of his money in to hold the warrants.

        I also like that recent article with the quote from Aramco looking at LPG. I have to believe that is a compelling option for them. With three moth balled sets sitting idle I would hope they could get Aramco to send a set over there to do some fracking. If that got announced we'd be up a buck overnight.

        Seems like a few things pointing to hopefully better times ahead soon.

    • Zeke has lost weight. He may be doing P90X as well. Hopefully, that's a good thing.

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