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  • legalaudiony legalaudiony Oct 18, 2012 5:19 PM Flag

    Another Perspective

    While most of you guys are hardcore money-minded traders, I thought you might consider another reason why this stock should come back. I am in this because fracking with water just doesn't make sense. I'm not an environmentalist, just a parent with an eye on the future for my kids. The good ol' oil n' gas boys don't get it. And, it is good these guys are soon going out to pasture. A new set of environmental-conscious, logic-minded leaders are beginning to take over. They will make rational decisions. Fracking with water is not logical and out of the scope of the new-thinking industry. You'll see, it'll take a few years to unwind grandpa's way of doing things. This is a winner 3 + years out.

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    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but this company doesn't have 3 years to sit around and wait for their process to catch on. They have very pressing debt issues and their creditors will not be that patient. Another disastrous quarter like Q2 and it's going to be lights out. And since Husky is the only real revenue that is coming in, these guys have to get off their #$%$ and sign some contracts. On another note, I don't really get why people always seem to say "I'm not an environmentalist" like it's some sort of dirty word. Why would anyone not want to consider themselves an environmentalist? You want to live in a filthy, polluted world? That is some right wing/tea party dogma #$%$. that has ruined that word. Stupidity.

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