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  • lancegwilson lancegwilson Aug 8, 2013 11:37 AM Flag


    Finally someone brings up #$%$ that analysts do to play with this stock. Suggested the company should start to do something about it with the IIROC.

    Hill's response: 'Nope, we are just going to focus on operations'

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    • allsteel Aug 9, 2013 9:23 AM Flag

      Lance are you negative to everything in life? I think you only hear what you want to hear. If you actually listened to the call he said he would look into it first and said then said the best way is to focus on operations to take of that. What do did expect the man to say? EVERY STOCK HAS SELLERS AND DAY TRADERS. Your statement above is an outright lie. I think it's time you get blocked as you add no real value in your writings.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Do what you want. I'm just being realistic. I drill oil wells for a living and have extensive knowledge of the industry along with the science behind it. You don't like my contributions? Block me.

        The numbers that came out show promise but they are definitely not the breakthrough ray of sunshine that you and the other cheerleaders raved about. The fact of the matter is the company is still not profitable. I'm not going to be content with this company until a few quarters pass by with consistent results and a positive cash flow.

        I used to see nothing but promise and hope in this company and, after beginning a position early 2011, couldn't understand why we fell off the cliff. Now I realize more than ever that an investor needs to keep emotion out of the equation. Something, I think, a lot of you have forgotten or never consider.

        Obviously I paraphrased Hill's response - but when you pare down what he said, I hit the nail on the head. For the company CEO to not even acknowledge the frustration small scale investors have experienced for the last few years, basically at the hands of the big scale investors manipulating everything, positivity is not going to be your first reaction.

      • I happen to value Lance's opinion, as he seems to come from a similar business and therefore has a good grasp on the technology.

    • Was glad when I heard that last caller. I knew immeaditely it didn't seem to be an analyst. And best to me...and I couldn't see his face is that Mr. Hill seemed to be taken aback by the question and frustrated. Kudos to the caller. Also interesting to hear from the call abpout the one client that hasn't paid Gasfrac. Wonder who it was?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I'm fine with his response to that. Think he's 100% correct: increased profitability will take care of all that nonsense.

    • Finally, the subject of "manipulation" was brought up by the very last caller. He was "dead n ts" on with Gasfrac's stock price being "controlled" most noticeably at 3:59 pm. When is enough - enough. Then bean counter Hill's answer "call IROC" leads one to believe that the company is up to its proverbial ears on the scam. Also, I was disappointed that none of the anay's asked about the whing-ding trip to China, as to what Gasfrac expected to benefit, what with the expense. If they are having a difficult time in the US attracting new customers, CHINA. You have got to be kidding, it has "boondoggle written all over it. Hill, the bean counter, must be looking the other way because its a "perk" for a fellow "gravy sucking hog."

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