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  • john09tx john09tx Dec 23, 2010 12:58 PM Flag

    Where is not_a_short?

    I thought for sure he would stop by this message board today to congratulate those of us dumb enough to invest in such a risky stock. Maybe he is hanging out with that Plzdontblameme guy that posted here for a while. Or more likely, it is one person using multiple IDs.

    We may see low $6s again before we hit $7 but you can't argue with the overall trend.

    Mhorse - You better check to see if Nacogdoches has a paved runway long enough to handle that plane you plan to buy!

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    • your a scrooge notshort and if i,d listen to you in 09 i'd have missed a 5.00 profit everyone is entitled to say what you think even you but man give us a break. its amazing how these guys want to help me manage my money well its my money buster and if you would GET YOUR SHORT BUTT outa my way because this train has got my retirement money on board and your silly reasoning an't gona stop it besides SCROOGE its christmas

    • Congratulate you for what? Because MHR rose .46 today? MHR remains a money losing stock. How long do you think it will take before they get to break-even? I bet it will take several years (if they get there at all)


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      • Merry Christmas to all of you (even you, Not_A_Short).

        I guess I have been a good boy this year..

        Not_A-Short: Are you still fixated on GAAP earnings? Yes, you are probably correct. It will take a while to show GAAP earnings, that being said, they are cash flow positive and you must hate that...and just think, in a couple of days, Santa Claus's lil helpers (Halliburton) will be frac'ing the second Weese well in West Virginia. Probably another 5-7000 mcf/d flowing into the pipeline!

      • Not interested in what you have to say...BOOOOORING! ZZZZZZZZ..........

    • But Oilman he likes some of the stocks that you do. How can that be??

    • he's an aggie.
      enough said if you are from Texas

    • Spudder, I will relook HDY.

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


    • Yes, I have "kicked their tires", and you are correct in not letting them pass by. Their best is still to come, and it is close to becoming known.

      Missing HDY is like 'strike one', you ain't out until is over. Their story is just beginning. QBC does not have the longterm stories HDY or MHR have. IMO, it is here and now.

      GO MAGNUM,

      Happy investing, and God Bless.


    • Spudder, understood. You are in a part of the US where you can literal go by and "kick the tires" and have friends with good insight. I read closely the annual report filing of QBC and noted many of the financing transactions that took place to put QBC where it is today. The Chairman must be an interesting fellow. Without my recent experience in Desoto Parish, I would probably have passed on QBC after reading their annual report and looked elsewhere.

    • I wrote that last message late last night and I was in a hurry to go to bed.

      I could have said more in behalf of MHR. While comparing them with TGA, Magnum has one very large advantage...Magnum is 100 percent U.S.A. Domestic Oil and Gas. TGA is 100 percent Arab, as in Egypt and Yemen.

      Also, when I talk about 'vouching for the integrity of a Company's mgt. I am speaking of a small group of investment friends whom I have known for years, of whom I am a part. Not just myself. We cooperate with each other in sharing our knowledge of various Corporations in the Oil and Gas Industry.

      Sort of like, looking for a 'Star' to guide us. We look for; 1, Quality of Prospects; 2. Financial capabilities; 3, Technical and Business Skills; 4, Character/Personality which can be expressed as "Integrity". Are they honest? Can they do what they say? Are their Prospects real? When all of those kinds of 'Stars' are all together, we feel the RISK Factors have been minimized, and which ever Company we are examining looks good enough to TRUST. Then buy heavy, or buy light, however we chose.

      JMHO. Risk levels of MHR and TGA are low. Risk levels of HDY are higher. Risk levels of QBC are the highest of the four Companies I have mentioned.

      FWIW, I sold less than 8% of my HDY to buy five times as many shares of QBC, because I think on the basis of a series of Yearend Reports it could possibly double within the first three months. If so, the profits can be redirected unless new information cause the Company to look even better, and I decide to stay put.

      So, when I speak of "Self" in these contexts, it ain't just "Me". When I make an investment, it IS just 'Myself'.

      GO MAGNUM.

      Happy investing, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and GOD BLESS.


    • spudder, thanks for your post. I recently purchased QBC and may add. Through my job/ work, I became somewhat familiar with the Haynesville Shale play, mineral leases, division orders etc. specifically in DeSoto Parish, LA and am comfortable with QBC based on that experience. I am also looking at HK and GDP. Looked at HDY, but never purchased any shares. I am sure it is one of many that I looked at that "got away". Still long MHR and will hold.

    • You bet I remember. I learned a great lesson there.

      That is "Not to invest heavily in a stock when I did not know the management good enough to vouch for their personal integrity.

      I knew the mgt of KWK.

      I got to know the mgt of TGA.

      I thought I knew the mgt of CNR, but it was never personally verified.

      I got to know the mgt of PRC, and determined they were genuinely good people who knew their business. When times got tough they sought out the right people and got Gary & Co. Now we have MHR. I still have some of that .39 cent stock.

      I am on to more now. All of them are well qualified in all aspect of their respective businesses. I don't own anything that I don't think has the prospects of doubling within a year.

      MHR and TGA both rank very high in Integrity and Skills, and they both have great Operational Opportunities going for them right now. Both have the drill bits turning on lots of Exploitation wells and both have 'tons' of acres. 2011 promises to be a big growth year for both.

      HDY is by far my largest current holding. Two weeks ago I could say it had the potential of a 'times 10', which MHR has already done. It is followed by QBC, which is a short term gamble, a small dark pony, so to speak. They have a series of wells being drilled in the Haynesville Shale that are going very well. Several have been drilled and no detailed information has been released by their Operator yet. I know the folks running Cubic and I know the Opportunities/Prospects they are drilling. The Year end is near and will force some reports. Exit Rates, Reserves, and the next quarterly report are going to show great results. This is a preemptive bet on the near future on my part. We'll see how it works out?

      Well folks, I got a little carried away, but I like to share and that's what these Boards are for.

      Thanks 'exradtech' for the kind words. Hope Florida warms up a little. Some of my grand kids nearly froze at Disney World last week.

      GO MAGNUM.

      Happy investing, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

      GOD BLESS.


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