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  • not_a_short not_a_short Jan 3, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    Mr. Evan and Greenhunter Energy

    I found this post on the Greenhunter Energy (GRH) board. GRH is the company that Mr. Evans led before jumping into MHR. I found it interesting since it could have been lifted from this board if you change out the alternate energy references for nat gas. GRH closed at $20 a share the day this was posted. Today GRH trades for less than $1 a share

    "GreenHunter's CEO is top-knotch! 5-Jun-08 02:49 pm

    GreenHunter CEO Gary Evans is a renowned entrepreneur with a track record of success, having already taken another company, Magnum Hunter Resources, to greatness. Skeptics need to realize this is not just some pipe-dream company, this is the real deal. This company really knows what they're doing, involved in exactly the right kind of business at exactly the right time. Wind Power, Biopower, and Biodiesel are all going to be HUGE and Mr. Evans knows it.

    I would say use every opportunity you can -- such as today's dip -- to load up big time on GRH if you haven't already done so already."

    This goes to show the pitfalls of betting on a CEO to reproduce the success of the past. It is hardly a sure thing.


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