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  • dagger452003 dagger452003 Dec 23, 2011 9:52 AM Flag

    (OT) Oilman ...Thanks.

    For the heads-up on RAM . Very Merry to you !

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    • per a new article:

      RAM Energy Resources, Inc. (RAM) has skyrocketed the past few days, and the big news here is that Floyd Wilson will become CEO of RAM Energy Resources. Keep in mind that Wilson was chairman and CEO of Petrohawk (HK) before that company was sold to BHP Billiton (BHP). Wilson is also investing big in RAM Energy Resources, and the deal includes $275 million of common stock, $275 million of convertible notes, and $110 million of warrants. Here’s what RAM Energy Resources founder, Larry Lee, has said about the change in direction:

      This investment will provide the company with the capital necessary to expand operations into new and emerging resource plays, as well as accelerate development of our Mississippian oil concession in Osage County, Oklahoma. It will also allow for the continued development of our major oil fields in Oklahoma and Texas.

      Interestingly, RAM Energy Resources went up so much after this announcement that the firm Rodman & Renshaw decided to downgrade the stock to Market Perform. Outside of the recent transaction, cash flows for RAM have been mixed: $90,000 flowed out during 2010, but $10,000 flowed in during the first 9 months of 2011. That can be explained by RAM’s increased willingness to take on debt.

    • thats not his motive here moween. He will buy other companies and assets in the plays that he likes best, hedge them accordingly, and drill them up to prove reserves, and then sell the whole company. That's the way he operates, and you should expect no less. Difference is, he will put 20 rigs to drilling at a time lol Wait for a pullback, and then buy it again.
      and with his track record, don't expect a small buy. RAM is just the shell company, much like PRC was. The big difference is, his funding will be almost unlimited.

    • Sold my RAM shares today.When Mr. Wilson gets his shares there will be over 500 mil.shares.I don't think it's worth 1.5 bil.,also he could possibly sell his shares and make hundreds of millions profit and tank the pps. I am waiting for sub $2.

    • thanks slab
      good entry or re-entry is somewhere around 2.50. I see 2.58, but could see somewhere at 2.40ish also.

    • Good deal, Oilman. I was thinking about you the other day as it climbed up towards $3.00. I think you hit the peak...has to correct a bit from here. I'll be in there at some point.

    • Sold my RAM at 3.06.
      Will buy back after correction to around 2.50.
      Hey we got our christmas present after all lol

    • Leave it to my kids? No way! With my MHR returns I'm going to swap motorhomes for the biggest, baddest one around and spend all their inheritance, probably bouncing the last check after I die!

    • Mr Oilman

      When is the scheduled completion of the pipeline?

      I am assuming this will enhance the stock price and buyout potential.


      Happy Holidays to all the MHR Longs!!

    • I sent a request for a msg board.