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  • ghfisch ghfisch Feb 15, 2012 5:12 PM Flag

    Boone pickens on CNBC- U.S best prospects for oil production

    World oil crisis coming- domestic drillers will thrive!!!!!!!
    From Boone's mouth to your ears!!! Oil is moving up from here according to Boone. Said we have maxed out on production which means the demand supply equation equals much higher oil prices!!!!

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    • Stg-And the conservatives run from reality. Just look what they are running for presidential contenders. Four bigger looses you could not find. If you hate Obama, wait until he is reelected HaHAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    • Yup, hauling oil and gas is very profitable for a railroad company that is wholly owned by the interests of a guy who is helping the Presidential relection efforts. Putting a choke on the regional exports of oil and gas resources and making how much per carload? Production being held back by lack of transit capacity. A derailment is a bigger threat to the ecology Safety factors are easily engineered into a pipeline and you just can't ask for a more stable base to place it on or in.

      The conspiracy theory of the decade is Warren Buffet and a monopoly on transit of energy resources out of that region.

      Resolving the issue is crucial to putting this country on a solid energy platform and for our national security and economic health.

      I'm for sound development, transit practices, and efficient use of our own resources.

    • T Boone - Paleease! He was toutin $200 barrel of oil a few years back so he could pump up his wind farm investments. he don't need him to tell us MHR/Oil/Gas is the way to go.

    • Too bad obama nixed the Keystone pipeline . It seems that Canadian oil will now end up in China

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