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  • sdfoster91 sdfoster91 Jan 23, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    cry baby thread

    To all the cry babys out there. If a 25% gain in two months doesnt satisfy you Im not esure what will.

    Go and run your own oil and gas company and take your moneny out and invest in tissue paper.

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    • Bottom line it only takes 1 or 2 weeks to lose that 25% and it started already, that she blows!

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    • I love this title.....the cry baby thread. I enjoy your posts sdfoster and I absolutely agree. I also admit that every so often a little too much sand gets lodged in my pooter but I just buy more on the dips. I am pleased with the recent announcements regarding their Utica drilling.....I've been a huge advocate for the Utica for a while now, and I think that Gary knows he'll hit big wells soon enough. I pray that a little GPOR action will trickle down our way regarding the BOE.

      Gary wants those numbers from the Utica so he can make the choice on the ever so popular EF. If he hits big in the Utica I expect the EF to go bye bye. He's going to be making substantial asset grabs in the Utica I just hope he doesn't have to pay the 10,000 an acre GPOR paid. If he hits a well like the Shugert at 7200 boe I'll cry like a baby I promise you that. Good luck to all.

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