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  • long_view_2000 long_view_2000 Mar 16, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    OT: Nixon was a traitor

    As a conservative, i was deeply disappointed by Nixon; now we know he was also a traitor. Many of my fellow Marines died because of this guy. May he burn in Hell.

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    • And bush and cheney were morons that attacked a country that had nothing to do with 911. It cost us over 4000 dead and I don't even know how many wounded and cost the country two trillion dollars. Now that is some thing to be mad at.

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    • ( India Co. 3rd . Bn. 4th Reg?3rd Marine Div .) My Unit was pulled out of the DMZ area as A result of Nixon ..You freaking IDIOT !!!! You are NO Marine !!!!!!!!!

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      • Are you effin stupid? Did you read the article at all??

        You really should never have gotten yourself hooked on that horse - it' leads to all kinds of illusions and delusions. I got over the war and came to realize that some of my convictions were not based on truth or reality. It took a few years.
        Let me put it simply: Johnson wanted to get out of Kennedy's war, in any way possible. Nixon wanted to win that war and he didn't care how many GIs died to get his "win". Why do you think he bombed the #$%$ out of charlie and NVA. So he got his PEACE WITH HONOR and 20,000 some troops paid for it. But it didn't matter, the world still knew we got our #$%$ whipped.
        If you were being pulled out of the DMZ that was around '73 - but the war could have been over long before '70 if Nixon hadn't torpedoed Johnson's peace attempt. BTW, lots of guys rotated through the Turd Herd - let me give you a hint jarhead: WPNS Plt, HQSVC Co, 3BN 4MAR - 0351/0352 - M40 - 106mm recoiless rifle gunner - and yeah we used to get "volunteered" for patrols (with M60's) so I don't want no #$%$ about being in the rear with the gear..
        Your loyalty is misplaced. No pols are worth arguing/fighting over, or trashing another Marine (unless really deserved :) ) and definitely not worth dying for. As fighting men, we all have to bow to the inevitability of truth and logic otherwise we're just blind irrational murderous brutes.
        We both did what we did for GOD (may He have mercy on me), for an ungrateful COUNTRY (and you know thats God's truth), for our CORPS brothers, and for family.

        NUFF SAID! OUT!

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      • we left Gio Lin feb 70, went south to Lz ryder , lz baldy with Hotel 3/11 Semper Fi !!

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