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  • jimjones62 Apr 18, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    CC thought.

    The only problem i hear is the use of the word "YET" as in "we have found no related cash changes in values Yet and all revisions are non cash currently" I guess that's the risk because assets value determine credit lines and preferred stock offerings and common which would have a case for suing because actual value of assets were not correctly disclosed.

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    • I am not an Attorney but I doubt there is any real case here. There would be or will be if there has been any fraud, misleading statements concerning the company's financial condition- but as far as I can tell none of this exists. The CC really addressed the issues that were of concern, and two firms have already come out defending the stock and have a Buy on MHR.. It was the usual case of fear/panic. Given time MHR will be
      3 to 4 X what you see it at today.. Maybe more depending on a few factors....JHMO D