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  • j236 Jun 18, 2013 8:43 AM Flag

    deepsub using his alter aliases to pose questions and call him


    Come on man. Your transparency is ludicrous.
    You're one of the biggest aholes on these boards and you want people to believe someone is going to ask you questions and call you an astute're full of it.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • J236: You conspiracy theorist type of posters are a joke. I asked the question of Deepsub because he usually provides rational insight into his thoughts, unlike the name-caller posters (of which you may be one). Look at my long posting history -- not many, but long -- and you will not see another Deepsub compliment, but rather, may see some disagreement with Deep. In other words, your suggestion that Deep's "tranparency is ludicrous" is itself ludicrous. Why dont you offer some insightful commentary to the question on IRRs rather than post your rants? something that might actually be a meaningful contribution? Lex

    • Deepstink is a total loser. He's on more message boards than the sexoffenders in prison.

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