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  • weatherly.jeff weatherly.jeff Jun 24, 2013 12:56 PM Flag

    mikeooobitttccch is a lying #$%$ with no honor

    you lost our bet and stated "I'LL NEVER POST AGAIN" you have no honor and are not i repeat NOT someone who people should listen to. i would have never showed uo on this board if i'd have lost and futher more i let you pick the price of 2.65 that decided the wager. no honor no credit nothing but a pos that never intended to succk mike and you've shown that you are dirt

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    • Since I can't see him, please ask michaelssuckspigdick how his beloved SIMO has performend as of late.

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    • ht0629 Jun 24, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

      He will look like an idiot again today when MHR closes up. For some reason people listen to pumpers and bashers and they do have influence to some degree. They do not do their on DD and if you look at STDFoster, anuswiffer, dwtard, mikethebiotchovich they use half truth's or just outright lies to support their positions. MHR is down with the market but they say it's high debt, when all bank debt has been paid and PRD C's are being called, It's fraud when the 10K came back clean, they say it's because of accounting problems when those were addressed in the 10K and due to rapid growth the company has had to increase the size of the accounting dept. by 3 or 4 times.

      It is frustrating to watch people just outright lie so I usually put them back in their holes when I have a few minutes of spare time. It is also fun at time to watch them scramble. mikethebiotchovich is a loser, liar and dishonorable person that will fade away soon enough.....

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    • That guy is still posting??? What a P.O.S.!!!!!! I threw him into the garbage/ignore after the bet. That guy has zero honor. I don't even put him on the same level as a pig. At least pigs are loyal.

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    • he has nothing to do. not a good year to grow tumbleweeds, wife left, donkey died.

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