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  • michaelkosanovichkosanovich michaelkosanovichkosanovich Jul 23, 2013 8:15 AM Flag



    Here it is,,,,,,,,tougher regulations are coming for fracking!!!! You can buy GRH....AND IM NOT LYIN EITHER!!!

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    • Wow!!! Another great call. Keep them coming because your going to make me rich. Grh up 4% today.

    • Michael--you are taking a lot of heat for your reaction to Gasland II. Do keep in mind that the film (I just saw it last night) is sensationalist and was NOT self-financed or studio-financed. Funding came from institutional sources opposed to fracking. That is ALWAYS a signal that ideology is is the fuel, and not facts. There is a lot we don't know about the long-term effects of fracking. There HAVE been some serious deleterious effects on water supply in rural communities but they have been, in the main, resolved. We don't even know the solvent recipe--it is over 400 chemicals. If you are waving the banner for serious research, know that it is being done right now, prefatory to future congressional oversight meetings that are coming up. But if you are really predicting tougher regulations, know that regulations are coming, but that "tough" regulations should not be expected. McKinsey and Company just issued a report on the five factors that will reposition the USA for global, commercial leadership and FRACKING is right at the top. If you know McKinsey, then you know that THEY know every lobbyist who lives between the FTC, BATF, FCC, EPA and the FDA. They would NEVER publish that study if they believed that "tough" regulations were on the way.

      So--don't fall too quickly for "agitprop" films--even if they affect your own ecological sensibilities. And be careful not to put yourself in harm's way here--after all, you invest in those oil exploration companies that are at the center of this controversy. You can have it both ways, but you should not expect that your "friends" here will see it as anything other than hypocrisy.

    • Big plans for TPLM? Well--plans are nothing. TPLM is returning to its POS status. My error in investing in that pos--it looks good on paper but it is where KOG was years ago--it's a little boy and hasn't grown up yet--worth $5/share.

    • Another tip would be to lube up really good today. Mr ben dover is ready to visit the bagholders all day today.

    • You are an idiot and really need to #$%$ and go F yourself.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • ht0629 Jul 23, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

      1. Do you even know what GRH does?
      2. You are a fracing joke!!!
      3. Cover or pay!!!!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Mikey, Mikey....We understand the risks. Please go buy what you want and leave us to make our own decisions. We just don't give a flip about your "sky is falling" warnings. Give it up, dude!

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