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  • doogle60 doogle60 Jan 10, 2014 10:58 AM Flag

    Can not say I did not tell you so..

    Please read all of my past posts....I said even when MHR was in the dumpster not to bet against GE.. He is one of the best in the business. I made a ton with him under the old MHR, BUT IT TOOK PATIENCE! And I also has warrants back then as well that I actually exercised.. This company is worth well into the teens. You have to understand the potential, and especially ignore all the garbage posted on the internet, CNBC , etc. They are mostly all manipulators! And keep in mind, like any stock, MHR isn't going straight up!!!!! But with patience you will see this company in the teens and you will do well with your warrants... P S....I don't care if people short MHR..No problem at all for me.....Go ahead and short away....D

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    • Well--I can appreciate your "enthusiasm" and a little "self-promotion" is not a bad thing--especially where funded by good decisions. However, there are a number of companies that are managing this difficult, but momentary, phase. For all the criticism, KOG is coming though nicely; TPLM took a terribly unjustifiable hit when they didn't hit EPS for the last quarter (anyone who knows the math of that case knows that the over-reaction was borderline insane) but has stabilized the ship and is in spectacular shape for future numbers. EOX and AXAS are both doing pretty nice jobs and when people start to understand that there is not, and will not be, some wild mismatch between supply and demand (despite the nonsense from DWT and his types), all these companies are going to take off--we will have a memorable spring.

      In fairness to GE, I didn't like his cozying up with Cramer while accounting irregularities were still emerging, but...I will say this for the guy--he is smart enough to know that the CEO has "got to be out there" and in erudite fashion, the CEO has got to make the case for planning and to explain opportunities and problems. He does this consistently and "in spades." He might be the best "front man" of any of the oils--big or small!

    • Well said i agree with you 100%. patiences is the key plus associating with winners. ge is a proven winner. thanks management.

    • Oh Great Doggle, thank you for telling us so. I would never have gotten into this stock without you telling me to do so. Now, I also has warrants. You might want to turn down that ego a little and enjoy the profits.

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      • Actually I don't have much of an ego..I am very humble and have been at this game a long time. Fortunately I win much more than I give up.. But I have also lost a ton at this game over the years and know full well not to hype.. This is not an easy game and there is no such thing as easy money. They don't make it easy and try everything they can to mess with peoples fears. After all, its all about fear. And as Warren Buffet always says, "fear is a lot more powerful than greed"...........Enjoy the profits?
        Well, I don't have any profits in MHR yet until I press that sell button....So until I do that I am just
        an investor/spectator........But I have no intention of selling any until its well north of here. D

      • Nomo, there nothing wrong with a little exuberance about your successful stock picks. God knows we make enough bad ones. GLTALs.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Get A life nomo !

        Sentiment: Strong Buy