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  • ol_dantucker ol_dantucker Jul 21, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Soft bashers are funny.


    dumbwhiteoak - this guy is clueless anyway

    Nobody posts negativity all day everyday about a stock they own. It goes against human nature. They would just sell and move on. They all work for some boiler house trying to create selling volume and push people into TPLM. You fools are so obvious it is painful to read.
    Now come back and berate me saying you're just discussing the stock.. blah blah
    Total BS guys and gals. Keep trying. MHR has a bright future. None of you do in your current profession.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • DOCUMENT 7769: Private notice to operatives LEX (agent 4), DUMBWHITEOAK (agent 2) and JMS 54 (agent 3): From MARVIN AND MAYDEL (agent 5 and 6 [split personality]): "For Your Eyes and Eye Patches Only".....our plan is working. Yes!! We have driven MHR into disarray, Better yet, her Yahoo Posters are discombobulated and have fallen into the pre-Cambrian soup of stupefying speculation and sophomore soporifics. Exactly as we planned!!! Now--hear this-- as of 0930 Eastern, we are to change the plan just a bit. We are to leave a number of MHR posters here instead of inveigling them into a move to TPLM ( name of selected posters to follow). Master Agent 1 is worried that their influence on the TPLM board could be as damaging as it has been to MHR.

      We are "go" for more mayhem and mischief. If our plan works, MHR should be in the 4's by October !!! sssssss....sneer....sneer....ssssssssssss...sneer.....sneer......sssssssss......

    • Dantucker: You really know how to hurt a guy's feelings, lumping me in with JMS and Marvin -- two of the most balanced and perceptive posters on this board. OUCH Charlie!

      Look at the last 10 or so posts from JMS and me and you will see facts and actual calculations that go with our balanced commentary, and you summarily call us fools and offer such insightful analysis as "MHR has a bright future." Man, that observation is so very rich in irony; perhaps the only thing more ironical is the 4 thumbs up your post got from the other sheeple on the board. I love it. Keep up the good work! Lex

    • Yeah numbnut and you are prbably one of GE's EVP's posing on this board trying to pump this stock up. Get a life! Heck you are probably GE in the flesh.. We only bring out facts.. just the facts mam.. just the facts... Why do you think this stock is hovering around $ 7 bucks anyways when other energy stocks are providing nice returns over the last 2 years..

    • You ought to read my posts more closely. I am not a soft basher or a basher at all. I am a realist who owns a good bit of MHR stock but is nervous about our current--last 6 month direction. I have been on this site posting mostly positive stuff for years. I have said before that I am giving GE until 3/15 to decide if I need to move elsewhere. I made a bundle in MHR1 and a bundle in MHR and am still up with the stock I own by a pretty good bit. I am just very concerned.

    • Your skill at discernment is staggering....all of us soft bashers work for TPLM. And look at how well we are doing--TPLM is in the green and flying again while we have managed to manipulate MHR into languor and limp linguini.
      At least credit us for getting the job done and lining the pockets of thousands of TPLM shareholders. Just wait to see how we eliminate MHR from the list of potential acquisitions. We are going to be even funnier in the near future.

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