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  • jiceydogg jiceydogg Dec 4, 2008 7:16 AM Flag


    What will happen after the this trades as CLWRD for twenty days? As it becomes the New Clearwire On I think Dec.30 is there any poosibility we get a big jumo in price?

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    • Jdogg,

      I didn't know you were an East coast guy? Board usually doesn't wake up until 8:00 a.m. West coast time. I think my previous post pretty much nails Clearwire's future. Shorts might have there way until Clearwire starts to substantially expand their wimax build out. As you have said for many months, we need more volume. I assume that won't happen until we repeat the successful Baltimore launch senario (was Xohm - Now Clear) in five to eight other major cities.

      Wolff is going to spend money building out Wimax. He wants to use the 2 to 4 years lead over LTE to his advantage and sign up new customers. Only way to do that is to open up Clearwire for business, across the board.

      Not sure what happens to Clwr stock after trading twenty days, but in January we should hear plans for 2009. Remaining board members will be selected over the next thirty days and most of the selected Sprint employees will of relocated to Seattle area.

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      • Is not the shorting anything on a trading lvl of 6.00 before it can be shorted. I do not short but was wondering where the danger lvl is.
        As far as the stock price I think they have pretty much said they will use a lesser aggresive plan to rollout at this time. This will stable the price and goog and all will have a lesser amount to pay for this stock.Anything around 4.00 is a safe bet and anything above can be driven down pretty easily.When the cash gets infused and the price is made it will be a gaim but not anywhere near what people are thinking. That would just be bad business to make the stock 12- 17 with everyone salivating to drop all their shares off.

        JMHO... Comments? Hold at this LVL