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  • netfuxor netfuxor May 13, 2009 12:55 PM Flag

    Mobilizing Your Internet


    A Wi-Fi hotspot is like an oasis in the desert. As you travel, your notebook connects to one Wi-Fi oasis after another to replenish your Internet thirst. In between and beyond these Wi-Fi watering holes are vast expanses of dead air where your notebook is unconnected. WiMAX will make these deserts come alive with the crackle of broadband Internet access.

    What is WiMAX?

    WiMAX combines the familiarity of Wi-Fi with the mobility of cellular that will deliver personal mobile broadband that moves with you. It will let you get connected to the Internet, miles from the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. Soon, Mobile WiMAX will blanket large areas— metropolitan, suburban, or rural—delivering mobile broadband Internet access at speeds similar to existing broadband. WiMAX is built for the future with advanced, efficient wireless technology that provides higher speeds than today’s wide area wireless technologies. It will be able to completely transform your mobile Internet lifestyle, enabling you to connect in ways you’ve only dreamed about.

    How Does WiMAX Work?

    Think of WiMAX as taking the best part of cellular network access– the part that allows you to easily connect anywhere within your service provider’s wide coverage area and taking the best part of your Wi-Fi experience—the fast speeds and a familiar broadband Internet experience. And combining them into a new wireless standard. Expanding Your Wireless World. You’ll be able to get WiMAX as a subscription or pay-as-you-go service that lets you take your broadband with you, similar to the way you receive mobile phone service.

    WiMAX is a Wide Area Network (WAN) technology. Service providers will deploy a network of towers that will enable access over many miles. Internet access is instantly available anywhere within coverage areas. And like Wi-Fi, WiMAX is a standards-based technology that will unleash the benefits of open markets and global economies of scale to deliver the devices and services that consumers want.

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    • Its truly hard to believe at this point Intel can mischaracterize WiMAX. This is probably another "Maloney-ism" like "Wi-Fi on steriods".

      WiMAX is no more a Wide-Area-Network technology than Wi-Fi is a Metro-Area-Network technology. Simply because one can sprinkle enough Wi-Fi AP's or WiMAX towers to cover a larger space than the technology was designed to serve - like lillypads on a pond - doesn't change what it is.